Deciding on the right Real Estate company can be overwhelming. Our benefits and culture make the decision easy.

Virtual Tools

We pay for digital tools to make the everyday work of being a real estate agent as easy and paperless as possible.

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Every CBE agent has free access to top-of-the-line e-signing tools, easy ways to submit transactions and store your documents, a constantly updated digital library of forms, beautiful and painless flyer and CMA creators, plus a single-listing website and social media ads that are created without lifting a finger. We want to free up as much of your precious time as possible and give you back that opportunity to further your education, spend time with family or even prospect for new leads.  

Full-time Support Staff

We have over 50 full-time employees here to help you with every aspect of your business: marketing, branding, education and coaching.

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Our support staff go beyond “making sure you get paid” or “checking your contracts for mistakes.” We pride ourselves on the extremely high level of personalized support each agent has access to, for example: unlimited free consultations and advice from our marketing and website experts, lightning-fast response times from our administrative pros, personal attention from our managing brokers (and even our senior brokers if need be!) when you need help with a tricky contract, and a dedicated Transaction Coordinator that will go above and beyond to help you stay on track!  


There is simply no other company in the area that offers quite as much technological, personal and professional support to its agents in order to set them up for success than Coldwell Banker Elite does—and with our new CAP commission program, you don’t pay any more in fees than you would at a discount brokerage.  

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Commission CAP program

Keep more of your money while getting more broker support.

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On this episode of Real Estate Mythbusters, we’re disproving the old myth that Coldwell Banker Elite has high brokerage fees and that’s how we can afford to offer such great programs and tools. With our commission CAP program, you’ll actually end up keeping more of your hard-earned money while getting the same level of above-and-beyond broker support and tools.  

We know there are cut-rate brokerages out there that can talk a good game. We usually hear all about it once their agents end up joining us a few months later. Our support, resources and expert advice typically wind up being far more valuable than the alternative: working with no help, buying tools for yourself and having to figure out your whole business plan alone. 

Single Listing Website

Paradym is a single-listing website and marketing toolkit that helps you tell a story.   

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Paradym automatically creates listing assets for you to use from your MLS listing data You can then choose to customize and edit these materials if you want to! Paradym combines your MLS listing data, text, voice and visual effects into elegant stories that demonstrate your marketing skill to prospective sellers and empower you to walk into your next listing appointment with confidence. 

Manager Support & Coaching

Our award-winning managing brokers are ready to help you take your career to the next level with one-on-one support and coaching. 

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We hear horror stories from transferring agents all the time about their previous brokers ignoring them, giving agents bad advice during difficult transactions and not taking an interest in helping them succeed. We’re proud to say that we have the exact OPPOSITE culture here at Coldwell Banker Elite. Our managing brokers are available to their agents by phone, text and email whenever they need help—whether that’s the weekend, over the holidays or in a crisis. You can count on our managing brokers for help with all aspects of your business: marketing, prospecting, nurturing leads and continuing your education.  

We take mentoring and coaching our agents very seriously, so expect to have an actual one-on-one meeting with your broker on a regular basis to talk about how to grow your business and how they can help you succeed. Nobody gets left behind or “flies under the radar” here, we’ll make sure you get the personal attention you need.  


Coldwell Banker Elite is famous for our comprehensive agent education and development offerings. 

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Every month, we offer a wealth of trainings on various topics like marketing, advertising, financial planning, contracts, time management, productivity, lead generation, customer service and so much more.

Let’s be clear, this is way beyond just offering CE or your average class about tricky transactions (although we offer those, too!) Coldwell Banker Elite offers experienced agents intense productivity trainings and workshops tailored specifically to your needs. AMP is a productivity training program designed to turbocharge your effectiveness through the tools and strategies that the best agents use to drive strong increases in your business. Outlist | Outlast is a listing-specific intensive class that focuses on optimizing every single part of your listing process so that you can list more properties and serve your clients better. We’re also constantly offering sessions on how to design graphics, what to post on your social media, how to stay organized and so many more topics that will help you take your business to the next level.   


With a team of successful instructors, attorneys, award-winning real estate instructors, mortgage experts and other affiliates on our staff, you’re guaranteed to have the latest and best information available in the industry. We offer online and in-classroom training, including webinars, web-based learning portals and other free training options.  

CRM & Personal Website

A customizable personal website and CRM where you can keep in touch with your SOI! 

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Not only do we offer you one-on-one training with Jay Parrish, our Digital Marketing Manager, about how to set up and customize your personal website, we’ve created tons of pre-made email templates-customized for our area-so you can easily keep in touch with your SOI.  

CBx Buyer Locator

Use big data to identify buyer prospects & demographic info for listing presentations. 

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CBx Buyer Locator does the work for you by providing market research and data to support your business. Market your listings intelligently with insights from big data and predictive analytics. CBx Buyer Locator helps you create efficient and effective marketing plans because you know where the likely buyers for each home are coming from and how to reach them. 

The CBx Buyer Locator is an integral part of the CBx Technology Suite, intended to provide market research information about the zip code your listing is located within. Big data and demographics power a cutting-edge tool that enables you to determine where likely buyers for each home are coming.   

Global Luxury site

Luxury Listings showcased in a beautiful format and advertised to affluent buyers.

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Coldwell Banker Global Luxury® is recognized as a world leader in the marketing of exceptional properties and is widely considered to be among the world’s consummate marketing programs for successfully promoting luxury properties to a local, national and international marketplace. 


The essence of the program is simple: combine the prestige of the Coldwell Bankername with the top luxury real estate masters and the reach of an international network of over 91,000 agents in 3,000 offices worldwide. Coldwell Banker Global Luxuryspecialists have a track record of representing some of the most significant properties of all time. 


The Coldwell Banker Global Luxury program is a comprehensive marketing curriculum designed specifically for marketing luxury residential properties to affluent buyers worldwide. Through the success of this initiative, Coldwell Banker-affiliated agents and teams are recognized as global leaders in luxury real estate. According to Craig Hogan, vice president of luxury for Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC, “the objective of the program is to produce exceptional real estate professionals who represent exceptional properties.” 


In order to participate in the Global Luxury certification course, participating agents must meet strict production guidelines — “some of the most rigorous standards in the industry today,” said Hogan. Certification renewal is also required every 24 months, to ensure Luxury Property Specialists are up to date on new technologies and additional programs, as well as current best practices. 

Property Management

Help your clients manage their property effortlessly by referring them to our Property Management Dept.

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Coldwell Banker Elite’s Property Management Division leases and manages residential and commercial properties. Through our many years of experience and our dedication to the Property Management profession, we pledge to serve you with the latest technology when assisting you with leasing, managing, purchasing, and selling Investment Properties.

Marketing Checkup

One of the main expenses we see transferring agents rack up are for marketing services.

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Paying for social media posting, custom branding and design services, and consultations with “gurus” can all add up! We have an in-house team of marketing experts who are available to help you with all aspects of marketing your business for FREE! Schedule unlimited consultations and get advice for free from people who know and care about your business and know our local market area.  


Have a question about your social media marketing or how to spruce up your social media profiles?  Need help designing a new logo or a graphic for a new listing? Want to make sure your website is optimized to get the most traffic and leads? Our Marketing Team: Jay Parrish, Angel Piontek, and Poppy Merrell are always available to help agents with these exact types of issues with no extra fees or contracts needed!  

Transaction Coordinator

Don’t worry about hiring an assistant! CBE agents have access to our dedicated Transaction Coordinator.  

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The Transaction Coordinator program is designed to assist agents with the administrative tasks associated with the listing or buyer transaction for a low flat fee.  The Transaction Coordinator takes on a specific list of tasks thus freeing you up to focus on negotiations, marketing and navigating through the transaction, while also freeing up time to engage and serve new clients.​ 


CB Desk

Your connection to everything Coldwell Banker all in one convenient place. 

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CB Corporate offers: Zap, CBx, gorgeous stock photography, social media graphics, CBU Learning Center & more!

Photo & Docs Library

CBE agents get full access to our libraries of neighborhood and community photos, documents, presentations and social graphics. 

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Don’t pay for stock photos of generic neighborhoods that don’t even look like our area! We’ve taken tons of local photos that are free for you to use while you’re with CBE! We also create lots of social media graphics every month for you to share with your clients and sphere of influence, just to make your lives a little easier! Need a listing presentation ASAP? We have beautiful presentations already made that will knock your sellers’ socks off!  

Advertising your Listings

We do everything we can to ensure that your listings get the absolute most exposure! 

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Not only does each listing get an automatically-created gorgeous single-listing website, we pay for social media ads for ALL new listings and the best part?  You don’t have to lift a finger to create graphics or figure out an ad buying platform—a digital ad campaign is automatically created using info from the MLS and sent out across the web and on Facebook, Instagram, and Waze while retaining editorial control. 

Our extensive listing coverage allows us to pull real-time data and create compelling ads across the web and on several social channels for all your listings. Want more control? Agents can customize each of their campaigns to their liking, monitor key metrics, and reach their target audience. 

Our single-listing websites automatically creates listing assets for you to use from your MLS listing data.  You can then choose to customize and edit these materials if you want to! Combine your MLS listing data, text, voice and visual effects into elegant stories that demonstrate your marketing skill to prospective sellers and empower you to walk into your next listing appointment with confidence. 


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