About Me:

Hi! I’m Abby! I was born and raised just outside of St. Louis, Missouri. I fell in love with and got married to my high school sweetheart in 2004. He joined the Army that year and we started our journey. The first place we moved was Monterey, California. This was the first time either one of us had been away from home and we had to figure out how to be independent 5,000 miles away from everything we had ever known. My cooking skills were non-existent. I burned mac and cheese. I started watching the food network and found out that I actually could cook and pretty well, too! We had our first baby in CA. Then I had to figure out how to be a mom. After a few months, we had to get packed up and drive to Texas to our next duty station. We were in San Angelo for a few months and then we went to El Paso where we stayed for a few years. We added my youngest and final son to our family in Texas. Here I was with no family around and two kids under two! I’m still amazed that we all got through this time and to this day, that was the hardest job I ever had. (My babies are busy teenagers now!) I found some stress relief in doing crafts. I had never really done that before, but now I was making jewelry, wreaths, refinishing furniture and completing lots home décor projects. Our next move would place the boys and I back in Missouri while my husband was deployed. After he got back, we made our final military move which brought us to Virginia.

Virginia was the only place from everywhere we had been, that felt like home. We explored the Capitol area. I remember being down at the tidal basin during our first Cherry Blossom Festival. It was beautiful…and crowded, but it was an experience none the less. St. Louis had an amazing Zoo and the Zoo at the Smithsonian reminded us of that. We explored the Blue Ridge Mountains and Luray Caverns. The views here in the fall are breathtaking! We can get to beaches pretty easily too.

We loved the history, the parks and the community here, so much that we decided to purchase our first home and put some roots down in Stafford, Virginia. We have been here ever since. We have added a couple of dogs to complete our family. My German Shepherd is my baby girl and arguably my favorite child. We bought a Jeep, which is also one of my favorite things in this world. Whenever the weather is nice, you can find me driving around with my doors off singing along to my playlists. Even though we’ve been in Virginia for more than a decade, I still have some St. Louis qualities that won’t change! I grew up watching Cardinals baseball and still look forward to baseball season every year. We loved eating St. Louis staples like BBQ, toasted ravioli and Imo’s pizza. In fact, we have a restaurant list that we have to hit whenever we go back to visit.

After my boys started school, I got my first job outside of our home as an administrative professional at a Commonwealth Attorney’s office. Oh my goodness! I loved having adult interaction! I transitioned to a role as a victim advocate within the same office and grew even more in this position. I continued to interact with people, but now it was helping and advocating for people going through some very difficult times. This was challenging but it was also refreshing to be able to have made a positive impact on their lives.

I began looking for another career path where I would be able to continue to help people but also channel my creativity and innovation. I wanted something that would allow me to grow, something I could make my own. Real Estate was the perfect blend of all of these things so I jumped in and have loved every minute of it.
Whether you’re in Stafford, Fredericksburg, Prince William County, Fairfax County, Spotsylvania, Caroline and King George, I can help make your buying or selling experience seamless and stress-free. I have gone above and beyond to take trainings and earn extra designations to give my clients the best possible experience. I am an Accredited Staging Professional (ASP) which means that I have training in how to stage a home to get it to sell faster and for more money. I am also a Military Relocation Professional (MRP). With that training and my own personal experience of being married to an active duty service member, I have a clear understanding of the Permanent Change of Station process and am well equipped to assist military members and their families move. I am also familiar with exclusive financing options for Military members. I have earned the Seller Representative Specialist (SRS) designation which made me familiar with the most effective methods to communicate with my clients, complete a market analysis, price a home properly, list it and get it sold quickly. I am a Real Estate Negotiations Expert (RENE), which means I have been trained in the art of negotiations. I am familiar with many styles of negotiation and understand what type of negotiation will work best with certain situations. I also have earned the E-Pro certification. To earn that certificate, I took additional training on current technology trends in real estate and learned how to protect any personal information that I may collect from my clients during the real estate process.

I take great pride in my clients’ real estate experience. You will find me to be honest, professional, reliable, excellent with marketing, communication and technology and an expert in my local markets. My goal is to build life-long relationship with my clients through top notch service that does not end at the closing table. I will continue to provide knowledge and information to you long after we’ve closed on your home!

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