About Me:

I must’ve been born a gypsy. Life has rocketed me from one serendipitous experience to another. Chance, change, and opportunity have finally planted me here in Fredericksburg, VA. Unexpectedly, it feels like home.

Born in Florida and raised in Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, California, and finally Missouri. I bought my first house at the age of 17 in Middle-of-Nowhere, Missouri. It was a real gem; no heat in the freezing mid-Western winter, no hot water pipes in the kitchen, half a bathroom, oversized fireplace stuffed with wool fleece, kitchen cabinets lined up on the living room floor, cellar fully stocked with gigantic banana slugs, and let’s not forget the ancient appliances that sometimes smoked. All this, and priced right too! From this beautiful disaster, a true love of houses and home was born.

Fast forward a few years and life found me in California as an Air Force linguist, married to a Marine and moving again toward something new and wondrous. My husband and I had our first daughter, moved to Maryland and then North Carolina. In between moves, I left the military for stability and worked as a florist, veterinary nurse, and then opened my own business, a yarn shop, when we moved to Swansboro, North Carolina. We were thrown into a new adventure when our son was born and my husband deployed for the fourth time. I sold the business to stay home with our growing family and prepare for our move to Virginia.

All of this moving, buying homes and resettling has left me with a distinct desire to help other families find a place that they call home. A temporary rental that fits for now, or a forever home where roots are not just planted but are also nourished, and everything in between is my specialty. I believe that your home should be your sanctuary. The place where life always happens. The quiet nights in and the chaotic morning routines. The place where you hide your failed Pinterest projects in the basement and display your best family photos.

Here in Fredericksburg, my family and I are planting our roots. We spend our time homeschooling our wondrous children, playing with the dogs, teaching Sunday School and volunteering in other various roles at our church (Fredericksburg United Methodist) and in the community, playing lacrosse, crafting, teaching others to craft, reading, following Dave Ramsey and walking in the peace of Faith each day.

I look forward to getting to know you and your family and helping you put down roots in your own sanctuary.

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