Throughout my tenure with the Navy, I have been stationed in many towns across the country, even making a few stops in foreign lands. However, I always consider Fredericksburg my home and have thoroughly enjoyed watching the entire area grow and come to life. This substantial growth has brought in countless new families and businesses while still keeping the rich history of Fredericksburg intact.

While being firmly rooted in my career, family has always come first; I am married with three children: two boys and a girl. In order to keep up with our spirited youngsters, fitness has become a large part of what we do in our free time and we always try something unfamiliar at least once. Activities like soccer and hiking are at the forefront of what we enjoy most. Along with adventuring into the great outdoors, I savor any opportunity I get to volunteer at my local church as a response team member. This has allowed me to meet people from all walks of life, learning different aspects of life while also seeing how much we all have in common.

With all things considered, life can be a balancing act. While family does come first, it can become arduous to balance all that life has to offer. However, staying in the forefront of real estate technology has eased this burden substantially, allowing me to expertly use tools that make my life a little easier; this reprieve gives me the time to cherish the special moments with my family. This knowledge also allows me to help you in all that is real estate, I am your resource and tool to make life a little less chaotic for you.

I can empathize with the challenges of moving and finding that one place you call home. While often chaotic, this process can be smooth and exciting in the hands of the right person; a person that will guide you every step of the way. Well I must say, your search is over. I have walked in the same shoes as you, the customer, for many years now. These experiences only fortify my abilities to help you and see this process from your perspective. My trials in life have also lent me a love for building relationships and I have always said with confidence: “A good relationship will last a lifetime.” I would like to welcome you into my family and look forward to helping you enjoy the process.