About Me:

After graduating from Geneva College in Beaver Falls, PA I joined IBM.  The company had a nickname, “I’ve Been Moved” and I did move from Pittsburgh (PA) to Norwalk (CT) to Minneapolis (MN) to Milwaukee (WI) to Boulder (CO) to Scottsdale (AZ). Then for personal reasons, I moved to Las Vegas (NV) to San Antonio (TX) and finally King George (VA). With each move, ibought and sold a home. So, it seemed almost natural to take my business skillsand personal home buying/selling experience, along with my love of interacting with people into a career in real estate which I started in Las Vegas.

Now settled in King George, I am continuing my commitment to helping friends and neighbors as a licensed realtor in Virginia. If you, your family, friends, or any of your acquaintances are interested in discussing buying or selling a home, please let me know. You can give me a call, email, text, or even chat with me when we see each other.

My personal motto is, “You have to be better”. Having bought and sold homes across this beautiful country, having packed up, dealt with getting financed, home inspections, moving companies, and all the million of things that keep you up at night, I have the experience to guide you expertly through the home buying or selling process.  You can expect that from me!

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