About Me:

Hello! My name is Chess White, and I am a Realtor® with Coldwell Banker Elite. We service the Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, Woodbridge, Manassas, and surrounding areas. Buying or selling a home doesn’t have to be a difficult or a challenging process. It would be my honor to help make the journey so much smoother, easier, and even exciting for you. I strive to live up to my name (Chess) and always have a strategy ready to execute. I purchased my first home while I was deployed overseas. Making such a large purchase can be a scary process, especially if you are unprepared mentally and financially for what you will be going through from start to completion. That is where a great agent comes in, someone that has stood in your shoes. It was during this time that I realized there were so many moving parts with the home buying process. It was essential for me to have complete trust in my agent with a high level of attention to detail and excellent communication with me. I learned what it takes to be a great coach for first-time home buyers to ensure they get their own sanctuary. I can walk you through the process one step at a time, making what may seem so complicated so much clearer for you. Selling a home can also be stressful if you are unprepared, without the right agent behind you. As a seller, it can be an emotional experience to move from a place you call home. Having to shift my life around to each new place while in the Marine Corps, I understand how each house is a home. The memories you build and experiences you have, the laughter and hardships, are all a part of you. It’s more than just an address with a bed where you lay your head. Having been through that process many times, allow me to guide you through selling your home. Being a Marine, I am keeping the fighting spirit alive, standing up, speaking for, and fighting for my clients. That fighting spirit is tempered by my ability to listen, understand, and patiently guide the process successfully to the finish line. While I no longer serve in the Marine Corps, I still have that strong motivation to help others. As a real-estate investor and owner of several rental properties, I have the skills to negotiate, find the right house for the best price, and understand the uncertainty involved in taking this big step in life. My experience gives me the ability to arm my clients with the much-needed information to overcome the worry of the unknown with home buying or selling. Whether you are a military veteran, first time home buyer, seasoned homeowner, or investor, I have the skills to navigate you through this journey of buying, selling, or investing. I would love to share the knowledge I have with you and help you find your own little slice of happiness, your new home.

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