I have spent the past twenty five years living throughout the United States with my husband Kent in military service. We now live in Orange, VA where he is the senior JROTC instructor for Orange County High School students. We are blessed with three wonderful, well-grounded children/young adults. The Army provided opportunities and a lifestyle that I wouldn’t trade with anyone.

We have been allowed a multitude of enriching life experiences, and have a clear understanding of what is really important in life. While moving to and from different Army assignments, we have purchased and sold six homes and truly understand what families must go through during these transitions. We have worked with Realtors who had their best interest at heart, and we have worked with Realtors who had our best interest at heart. If you choose to work with me as your Realtor, I promise to treat you as I would want to be treated should our roles be reversed with your best interest at the center of my work ethic. I simply love helping clients achieve their needs, which makes the real estate profession and serving you a truly fulfilling endeavor.

My Mission: “To treat each client, buyers and sellers, as she would want to be treated should their roles be reversed.”

Client Testimonials:

Eddie & Pat: “We put you in a tough spot, but you always kept calm and reassured us in the midst of our various crisis – most of all, we know and sincerely appreciate that you prayed for us over many issues; the sale of the house frankly was often overshadowed by other responsibilities, but you always kept us on track and managed to display absolute professionalism in every way – even when I was clearly agitated and not very patient. In short, you showed us what true professional diligence looks look; what true compassionate friendship endures, and what God never leaves undone in the life of His children. You were a true blessing to us and we thank you.”

Jerry & Cynthia: “Garlene provided invaluable assistance in the purchase of a home in Orange County Virginia. I am not sure if we could have completed this purchase without the special skills, tenacity, and attention to details that Garlene provided. First, Garlene did an outstanding job in just finding the property that met our needs but that was only the beginning, Garlene also pulled in outside resources from her many contacts to help find financing, evaluate electrical and structural questions plus provided other local information. Garlene kept everything on track throughout the negotiations, and with cheerful optimism got us to closing. We have high praises for Garlene.”

Sloane: “Garlene Daniel at Coldwell Banker was such a pleasure to work with in our home search. She kept us up to date on the building of our house and was very patient and helpful.
We had a speedy house closing and it was virtually pain-free!
We, overall, had an excellent experience.”

Andy (retired LTC) & Tonya: “I can’t tell you how enjoyable it was working with you. You are by far the finest agent we have ever dealt with. I will keep your name and number to give out freely to anyone that is looking anywhere close to your area!”

Jerry M: “Perhaps most endearing of Garlene was that she always left us in control of our decisions. Despite having, obviously, more experience in these transactions than I, she was always diplomatic in offering her advice. She became very familiar with my tendency to be settled in once my decision was made. We were able to matriculate negotiations quickly and with great agility during an incredibly competitive and trying time in the housing market. I could not imagine navigating such a challenging environment as that market presented by any Realtor other than Garlene.

The factor I was most concerned about was the compatibility and performance of the Realtor that USAA would connect me with. Within the span of our first telephone conversation I knew that I had been connected with the perfect Realtor for my home search. Garlene’s level of commitment and service is well beyond the norm in the Real Estate industry.”

Dan & Kelly C: “I just wanted to thank you so much for doing everything you did for us. You kept us up to date with what was going on, and would tell is what we needed to do or what was needed from us. You are absolutely marvelous at your job, and I personally loved working with you.”

Linda G: “you sold us our house back in 2004. I must say that we still talk about the quality of service you provided to us when we bought that home. No one else can light a candle to you. ”
Dan N (MSG, USA Assistant Inspector General): “ We were very, very pleased with our service from our Realtor, Garlene Daniel. Garlene was every bit the professional we were hoping for. We could have not been any happier with our service from Garlene and Coldwell Banker. Garlene went above and beyond her duties by keeping us informed of listings and was eager to provide immediate responses to our requests. We were stationed in Germany when we purchased this house and if it wasn’t for Garlene’s constant and accurate information (to include a virtual tour on very short notice) this would not have been possible. Garlene started out as our Realtor, but she resulted in being our confidant/friend.”


  • Professional, yet Personal Service
  • Utilization of Technology & Local Resources
  • Rapid Response
  • Over a Decade of Industry Experience


  • Residential
  • First Time Buyers
  • Relocation
  • Down Sizing