About Me:

My specialty is in military relocation, buyers and sellers in the greater Fredericksburg area. Becoming a Real Estate Agent is a perfect match for me since I love engaging with people and helping them. I am a retired Navy veteran, and have years of experience in handling difficult and sometime stressful situations. I also understand the pressure and timelines of PCS moves for military personnel. The key to a successful transaction is having good communication and dedication to my clients in seeing each step of the process through to fruition. Whether you are buying or selling a home, I am committed to making your transactions as smooth as possible.

I was born and raised in California where my parents farmed our family vineyard. Although I am not a native to Virginia, my ties to this area go back over 20 years and I have lived in Fredericksburg for 8 years now. As a mother of 2 children, I understand the importance of choosing a home that meets your family’s needs, as well as neighborhoods based on quality schools and lifestyles.

Whether my clients are buying or selling a home, my objective is to be their source of education and put them at ease as we work through the process to closing. There is a great sense of pleasure and fulfillment to see that all sides are satisfied with the final results. This is why I aim to be #1 in results that move you.

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