About Me:

I grew up in Northern Virginia, in the Fairfax area. I’ve ridden horses most of my life and always dreamed of having a farm of my own with my horse in my backyard. In 1999 I married my husband and together we began our search for our first home. Luckily my husband shared my dream of owning land. We quickly learned that homes with land in Fairfax were well out of our budget so we ventured south to Stafford county where home and land prices were more affordable. We were able to work with a builder to build our small starter home on 6 acres of land and we’ve been here ever since. We built the barn and put up all the fencing ourselves and my dream of having my horse of 16 years in my backyard, finally came true! I still feel blessed to have my horses in my backyard and to have this beautiful piece of land.

My lifelong experience with riding, owning, and showing horses is a true asset to those who share my love of horses and the dream of having their companion in their own backyard, just as I did. I know the ins and outs of owning an equestrian property which helps me guide prospective farm owners to the place that will work best for them AND their horses. My experience is also an asset when it comes to marketing such a property. I am able to showcase the best features to experienced equestrians looking to purchase a horse property.

I don’t limit myself to horse properties, however. My dream home was a home with land for my horse. You have your own vision of your dream home and I can’t wait to work with you to make those dreams come true! In turn when it comes to selling your home, I will work with you to showcase the features you like most about your home to potential buyers. You know your home best and it’s up to me to work with you as a team to highlight your home’s best features and get it sold. As an added benefit, I have experience in home staging and I enjoy helping homeowners stage their homes to help them shine when they first hit the market. I have found time and time again that this extra prep work gets homes sold quickly and at or above market value!

I live by the golden rule. I put myself in your shoes and treat you as I would want to be treated every step of the way through the real estate process. I pride myself on the lasting relationships that I make with my clients and on their willingness to refer me to their friends and family. So whether you’re looking for that starter home, the neighborhood beauty, or planning a move to an equestrian estate. I am eager to assist you in achieving your real estate dreams.