About Me:


If anyone knows this area, it’s me. Over thirty years, born and raised. I grew up in Stafford, have worked, played, and continued my college education in the heart of Fredericksburg, and am now proudly raising my own family in Spotsylvania. Two years in this business, coupled with the fifteen years experience in customer relations, has laid the groundwork for success. I eat, sleep, and breath Virginia, and strive to parallel what I know about home with what I’ve learned about my clients. Family is everything to me. We have weaved ourselves into all the nooks and crannies of this place we call home, and I intend to share all of that with you. I’ve strategically set myself up for success by teaming up with an experienced and successful mentor in this business, and proudly hang my license at Coldwell Banker Elite. With me, you also get them. In my book, they call that a Trifecta.

You may be newlyweds buying your first home. Military transferring from another state. Empty nesters tired of cleaning a whole floor they never use and ready to downsize. A couple who thought they were in their forever home, only to realize another bundle of joy is on the way, and they need to expand. I hear you, I see you, and I understand you. You’ve chosen to read this far, and I thank you for that. Now I’m asking you to trust that you are not just a dollar sign to me. Your story is unique, and I’d be humbled to be a part of it.

Every day we encounter someone who is integral to our life, whether they be familiar or by chance. My goal is to deliver that service that doesn’t make one question why I’ve been put on their path. I chose real estate almost two years ago because it was a hobby that evoked excitement and passion. A career that lit a fire within me. I say this because it’s evident that I love what I do; who I am to my client. I have discovered that the job title, Realtor, means so much more than finding the right house for someone. One becomes the lifeline, the stress-reliever, problem-solver, alarm clock, advocate, and hopefully, friend. I have moments throughout our process where I stand back and find myself smiling at the gift I have been given to be included in such a defining moment of your life. I find joy in our victories, and opportunity in our setbacks. This journey is but a chapter, yet it’s a defining one. Let’s write one heck of a story together.


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