About Me:

As a Realtor, I make it my first priority to ensure my clients are happy and satisfied with the entire home buying or selling process. I listen to my clients and strive for greatness to make sure the journey we are on together is stress-free and fun. I build client relationships and hold on to those relationships by having outstanding communication and result driven quality services. Let’s find your next happy place! Born and raised in Central Oregon, my family and I made the big move down to sunny California in 2015 where I began my work for the Air Force shortly after. The thrill of moving was exciting, but the aspects of buying a home was very intimidating. I originally worked with a Coldwell Banker Broker for two different home purchases in California, and was so intrigued by the hustle and bustle of real estate, but never took the plunge into the career field. My family and I never got that small hometown feel, or warm and fuzzy feeling about where we were living, so we decided to pick up and make the even bigger move across the country to Virginia. Virginia immediately offered us what we had been looking for since leaving Oregon. The four seasons, the beautiful scenery, history, great food and of course, the feeling of Home! Since going through another home purchase, as well as making that decision being in a different time zone all together, that experience with another realtor really made me think about getting into real estate. I was just about completed with my degrees in Environmental Science and Biology that I figured I would just wait until the right opportunity came along for me to dive further into Real Estate. It did not take me long to realize that helping families, first time home buyers, renters, ect., through the buying or selling process was what I truly have a passion for. Because of my background in Property Management back in Oregon, as well as being a Government Contract Specialist here in Virginia, I decided that pursing real estate was the right move for me. Not only have I been in the shoes of a homebuyer and a seller, but I have witnessed firsthand the experience even Military families go through with all the moving, and I want to be the advocate and realtor on their side to find them that place to call Home.

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