About Me:

Hey there! I’m Logan Edmisten and I’ve lived in and around the Fredericksburg area my whole life. This area seems to be almost inexhaustible in its rich history, wonderful community, and its vast amount of entertainment. Being a lifetime resident has given me an advantage in being your real estate guide for the area. My life has been an unconscious study of the intricacies of the area and I believe that advantage extends to you as I help you find your new home!

I’ve always enjoyed learning about the rich history and strong ties to the past that this area has. Fredericksburg was so influential in The Revolutionary and Civil Wars. It’s truly remarkable to experience a place, literally built on history, like Fredericksburg; not to mention that this area was home to our first President, Brother George Washington. Fredericksburg has lodged many notable figures in our nation’s history. Men and women who helped to secure the nation’s sovereignty in The Revolution, Civil War Generals, artists, and poets; one of the most historically notable being The Father of Free Verse: Walt Whitman.

Fredericksburg is a very unique and microcosmic community that I’m certainly glad to have been a part of. Caught between the north and the south, between rural and urban, we have so many different cultures, beliefs, and experiences mixing right here around the Rappahannock, yet we’ve found a sort of equilibrium that binds us all together and creates a cohesive community that is vibrant and truly special. The art, people, and mixture of culture here creates a wonderful environment to challenge beliefs and foster growth.

With the area’s growth, there’s never a shortage of places to go and things to do. I’ve enjoyed underground rock shows in the historic district downtown, I’ve kayaked on the Rappahannock, and taken the train to Washington and to explore the Smithsonian. This area has the convenience and population to offer a comfortable suburban lifestyle with all the necessities and amenities just within reach; while also offering the peaceful tranquility of nature and rural solitude. The Fredericksburg area has something to offer for everyone. From hunting and hiking to yoga, art, and fine dining.

Living here has been a wonderful privilege for me and I’d love to help you find your home here so you can experience this beautiful community too; so come and explore what this amazing area has to offer you.

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