About Me:

Growing up, my father taught me that in order to achieve your goals in life you must be willing to work hard and not conform or give up. I came to the USA at a very young age, overcoming many challenges such as learning a new language and understanding how to fit into a new culture. Now, having lived most of my life in Virginia, I can say that I love everything about this beautiful state. I really like how diverse and full of natural beauty VA is! Anyone can find a place to call home here, there is something for everyone. Overcoming challenges and adversity brings with it the power of extraordinary problem-solving skills, resilience, tenacity, and character. I am the kind of person that faces challenges with a relentless spirit to work even harder and to think outside of the box in order to obtain the best solution. In order to achieve my goals, I have had to pay attention to detail and work harder than the person next to me. I apply this kind of work ethic in every aspect of my life, it is who I am, it is what I do. And that is what I will do for you. I am a happy wife, and a proud mother of three beautiful children. I am bilingual and fluent in Spanish. I love spending time with friends, I am an active member of my church, and my passion is to volunteer and go on mission trips. My upbringing, my faith and family life causes me to have tremendous compassion for all people. It will be my honor to serve you as you buy or sell your home.

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