As an Army daughter and an Army wife I spent my life traveling. The opportunity to see new places and share new experiences with my family has been a tremendous blessing to us all and was made all the more rich by not just moving into a new house, but by selecting our new home, immersing ourself into our new community and chatting with neighbors like we’ve known them for years. I know that any move whether it’s your 1st, 5th or last one has it’s part in shaping your family. I don’t just envision my family in a new home; I envision future birthdays, new friends, Christmas gatherings, scraped knees and lost teeth.

I have enjoyed living out those memories in many different homes during our military career. As a personal investor and property manager I have equally enjoyed helping others find homes to share their own memories in.

The joy I found in helping others find homes has become a passion that I decided to pursue full time as a realtor with Coldwell Banker Elite. One avenue that helps to ensure that I’m successful is the partnership I have with Coldwell Banker Elite Realtor Katie Spurrier. Katie shares the same vision and values that I do. Finding homes, creating memories, building dreams. Though we are very much “kindred spirits” we do have different strengths and weaknesses that complement each other tremendously. Our hope in working together as a team is to use our different abilities to provide the community with the best real estate experience possible.

So whether this is a pit stop or a forever stay, helping you find your new home continues to be one of my top personal priorities.

I can’t wait to meet you!