About Me:

I grew up in the busy burbs of Northern Virginia (Woodbridge Specifically). I spent my weekends on the water, ranging from the Occoquan to the Chesapeake Bay. When my older sister graduated college, she ended up in Richmond, which in turn drew the rest of my family to the city. I finally caved in and left my roots of NOVA to move to Richmond, and it’s been an incredible (and welcome) change!

My very first job was gathering shopping carts and helping guests at a grocery store when I was 15. I quickly developed my love for working with people. I moved to animal care, and then to Wegmans for 12 years, where I eventually joined the culinary management team, further fueling my amatuer chefing. I then joined the Service Management Team, where I could really work one on one with people to solve their dilemmas and improve their experience.

I decided to take the jump into real estate as a way to still do ‘customer service,’ but have an opportunity to develop longer lasting relationships with my clients (you all!).

When I’m not working, I enjoy watching hockey (go CAPS!) and lacrosse, and playing as much as I’m able to. I enjoy low key get-togethers with friends playing tabletop and board games. Whenever I’m able to wrangle some old friends down from NOVA, we do a lot of culinary experimenting (our last one was firing up an old smoker and making smoked chicken with a Korean gochujang glaze). I also dabble in gardening, wildlife rehab, and kayaking as the opportunities present themselves.