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Selling Your Home? Think Like A Buyer!

First Impressions Matter

Curb appeal can make or break your home’s sale! So many sellers totally neglect the exterior which is the first thing the buyer sees when considering your home. Mow the lawn, sweep the porch, and touchup any scuffed trim. Consider adding some chic front porch decor (consult Pinterest for some ideas!) and repaint your front door to give your prospective buyers a pleasant surprise!

Neutralize the Situation

Take a cue from HGTV and stick with neutral tones when it comes to wall colors and decor choices. They might seem boring but there’s a reason “greige” and light neutrals have become so popular this year–they work in almost every room and make the space look and feel bigger. Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter and Palladian Blue as well as Sherwin Williams’ Agreeable Gray and Silvermist are all beautiful neutrals that work in almost every room. Aside from color choices, you’ll want to minimize any unusual art, family pictures or bold home decor.

What Would I Want?

Put yourself in their shoes. Is there an old, stained carpet in one of the rooms? Would you rather have to replace it yourself before you can even move in or buy a turnkey home with a neutral-color carpet? Resist the urge to assume “they’ll want to change it so why bother?” They’ll pass on it if it’s too much work!

If you were considering paying top dollar for a home, how would you want it to look/smell/sound? You don’t have to constantly be baking cookies during showings,  just make sure the home smells pleasant, there’s flattering lighting and maybe some soft music playing to make the home more appealing.

Stay Cool

Try to take a step back from all those long hours of painting or back-breaking afternoons tending your garden. Your home’s prospective buyer doesn’t know about any of that and won’t be calculating it into the price. Think about your home as cold and calculatingly as you can: What improvements actually add value? What could be seen as a detractor from the overall appeal of your home? Don’t be afraid to be ruthless when analyzing your home!

Trust Your Realtor

We deal with picky buyers and fickle market conditions every day.  We know what’s going to work and what needs to happen to sell your home for the most money. It’s easy to be misled by a Zestimate and assume that your house needs no improvement but if you really want to make money on your home, you’ll need to take a step back and view your house like a buyer! Trust that your Realtor has your best interests at heart and take their advice when it comes to staging and preparing your house for sale!