Learn everything you'll need to know to pass the real estate exam and become a licensed agent. Take the 60-hour required course, "Principles and Practices of Real Estate," with our award-winning instructors and get your career off to a great start!

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As the leading real estate company in the greater Fredericksburg region for over 40 years, Coldwell Banker Elite has set the standard for excellence in customer service, marketing and agent education.

Quality Instruction:

Our award-winning instructors are dedicated to ensuring each student’s comprehension of the material and offer priceless advice based on their years of experience.

Excellent Value:

Our competitively-priced courses help you start your career off on the right foot, without putting a dent in your wallet!

Real Life Preparation:

We’re not just teaching you how to pass the Virginia real estate exam, we’re setting you up to start a successful career with real-world advice.

Preparing for the Test & Beyond

Our Pre-Licensing Course for Real Estate Salespersons fulfills the 60-hour course requirement and prepares you not only for the Virginia Real Estate Exam, but also for getting your real estate business off to a great start. You’ll learn basic real estate principles and practices including what constitutes real property, governmental controls and laws affecting real estate, pricing of real properties, real estate finance, settlement/closing, agency and other brokerage relationships, contracts, & ethics. By the end of the course, you’ll be more than ready to take the Virginia Real Estate Exam!

Leading the Pack for Over 40 Years

The Coldwell Banker Elite philosophy of exceptional service to clients, customers and employees means that we invest in the latest technology and back that up with a comprehensive education program so that when the market changes, our agents are prepared and confident in their ability to stay one step ahead. We’re committed to doing right by our agents, our clients and our community.

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About Our Program

It’s time for you to take the plunge and start your career as a real estate professional! It’s important that you start that process off right and ensure that you are prepared to give clients the best representation possible, while also enjoying an incredible career opportunity.  The Northstar Real Estate Academy principle and practices of real estate class meets the Virginia 60-hour licensing program to prepare you to take the licensing exam.  This program is administered and taught by nationally recognized instructors who come with decades of experience coaching, mentoring and training real estate agents.  You will be provided with live training opportunities, study aids, tutoring and coaching to ensure that you have the best possible opportunity to pass the exam and acquire your license.

This program is offered in a live-virtual environment allowing you to attend from home and interact with the instructor and fellow classmates.

Coldwell Banker Elite offers a tuition reimbursement program.  Email for more information.

Registration details:

Principles and Practices of Real Estate Licensing Program

$199.00 60 hours
  • Course Dates: August 12th - September 30th
  • Platform: Live-virtual via Zoom
  • Contact email:
  • Sessions: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights from 6p-9p Holidays Observed: Labor Day - No Class September 2nd

Principles and Practices of Real Estate Licensing Program

$199.00 60 hours
  • Course Dates: October 21st - December 16th
  • Platform: Live-virtual via Zoom
  • Contact email:
  • Sessions: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights from 6p-9p Holidays Observed: Thanksgiving - No Class November 25th, 27th, and 28th

Attendance Requirements

  • 18 years of age
  • GED or High School Diploma
  • Dependable computer with high-speed internet access
  • Web camera
  • Microphone
  • Ability to attend all classes, except in case of emergency.

Mentors That Make A Difference

Coldwell Banker Elite agents have access to top-of-the-line instruction from award-winning teachers year-round, as well as experienced mentors who will help keep you accountable and ensure you’re working towards your business goals. Our mentors’ years of experience and collective wisdom is truly priceless.

Our Instructors

Executive Vice President
Gainesville Office
Managing Broker
Spotsylvania Office
Director of Business Development
Downtown Fredericksburg Office
Vice President of Residential Sales
Stafford Office
Managing Broker
Downtown Fredericksburg Office
Agent Development Coordinator
Locust Grove Office
Vice President of Operations
Spotsylvania Office
Managing Broker
Gainesville Office
Career Development Specialist
Spotsylvania Office

Satisfied Student Reviews

“Suzanne was knowledgeable and spoke on complicates topics making them easy to understand.  She is friendly and had lots of patience while answering questions.  Her experience, vast knowledge and passion for the industry made her an excellent instructor for the real estate licensing class.”

-Heather H.

“I truly believe had I not done my pre-licensing with Coldwell Banker Elite I would have not been as prepared for the testing. Our instructors made sure we understood each section and gave us the tools to be successful in passing our test the first time.  They were always available to answer questions and help me fully understand the material and concept behind it. Their knowledge and commitment is above all others. After seeing how each instructor was during our late night courses, the amount of support I received it also helped me make a clear decision on where the best brokerage would be to hold my license. Our instructors worked full time, then still gave it their all during our evening classes, sacrificing time from their families to help us succeed.  I will forever be grateful for the opportunity I had taking the course through Coldwell Banker Elite. The acronyms that were taught are still engraved in my brain four years later. Thank you again CBE Family!”

-Stephanie H.

Thank you so much to all the instructors at Northstar Real Estate Academy! Everyone was so knowledgeable and took the time to share their expertise and best practices with us. I appreciated the supportive and engaging environment they created. Thank you for providing evening classes so that I was able to incorporate the program into my schedule and kept my weekends free! I was so nervous about testing, but I’m happy to report that I passed both the National & State exams!

-David Larkin

The course offered by NorthStar was better than expected since we had to do it via ZOOM sessions.  You all made an excellent choice to kick-off the course with Matthew Rathbun.  He is very entertaining, energetic, engaging and is EXCELLENT at instructing the material.  I am a visual learner and taking the class in person would’ve been ideal, but all the instructors with CBE/NorthStar were excellent in utilizing the ZOOM tool.  They kept the course material interesting, engaged all of us and we were able to “chat” with one another via the chat feature in ZOOM, as well as talking with each other over the ZOOM session.  In addition to the instructors & course being excellent, I have made a friend through this experience.  I am very excited about the next steps in my RE career.  Thank you for a positive experience!

-Lorraine Cline

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