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Top 3 Benefits of a Career in Real Estate

By Chris Whicker, Director of Career Development

Hello! As the new Director of Career Development at Coldwell Banker Elite, I am so excited to be directly involved in our future growth!  With over 42 years in this industry, I still get very excited about the benefits that a real estate career offers to prospective Realtors.I believe the top three benefits this business offers is financial independence, the freedom to manage your own time and most importantly, the ability to service and assist clients and customers to obtain one of the biggest assets of their lifetime: their home!

Financial Independence

To obtain financial independence, you must be willing to invest the time and dedication necessary to growing your sphere of influence and developing great relationships with your clients or customers so they will want to send you referrals. After all, it’s about repeat and referral business! One way I accomplished this was walking the neighborhoods. I target-marketed on Saturdays with my dog, speaking to people who were working outside in the yard, inquiring if they knew of anyone that wanted to sell their home. I would leave a few cards with them and move on. This is a great way to meet people face-to-face without knocking on doors. I always obtained a listing or two every Saturday I did this.

Manage Your Own Schedule

To manage your time effectively, you must be willing to learn all the technical applications and tools that we offer here at Coldwell Banker Elite so that you are not necessarily working harder but smarter, with less time involved to accomplish your daily goals. I use social media extensively to introduce myself to prospective clients as well as staying in touch with existing clients. It is a great way to introduce yourself and move through the 36 touches quickly that are necessary to start building trust with clients and customers. It is a must to use a CRM to manage your database and activities on a daily basis. We have many tools available to help you manage your business so it works for you!

Help Clients Achieve Their Goals

And finally, to properly service your customers and clients, you need to know every aspect of your agency, sales contract, and listing agreements. Staying informed of market conditions, outside influences and situations that can affect the property and the surrounding neighborhood will also help you best advise your customers or clients on how to move forward and achieve a smooth home purchase or sale. My experience has shown that involving yourself in online and in-person classes to stay current and familiar with all forms and contracts, as well as legislation that affects our industry will help you implement what you learn on a daily basis. In my opinion, keeping these three benefits in mind as you move through your real estate career, will help you stay focused and be a huge success.

Please check out the rest of our Career site, leave your comments and/or call me to schedule a time for us to meet, get to know one another and get any questions you may have answered. I always look forward to hearing from you. Make it a great day!