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Deciding on the right Real Estate company can be overwhelming. Our benefits and culture make the decision easy.

Virtual Tools

We pay for digital tools to make the everyday work of being a real estate agent as easy and paperless as possible.

Manager Support & Coaching

Our award-winning managing brokers are ready to help you take your career to the next level with one-on-one support and coaching.

Full-time Support Staff

We have over 50 full-time employees here to help you with every aspect of your business: marketing, branding, education and coaching.


Coldwell Banker Elite is famous for our comprehensive agent education and development offerings.

Commission CAP program

Keep more of your money while getting more broker support.

Single Listing Website

Our single-listing website and marketing toolkit helps you tell a story.

CRM & Personal Website

A customizable personal website and CRM where you can keep in touch with your SOI!

CBx Buyer Locator

Use big data to identify buyer prospects & demographic info for listing presentations.

Global Luxury site

Luxury Listings showcased in a beautiful format and advertised to affluent buyers.

CB Desk

Your connection to everything Coldwell Banker all in one convenient place.

Property Management

Help your clients manage their property effortlessly by referring them to our Property Management Dept.

Photo & Docs Library

CBE agents get full access to our libraries of neighborhood and community photos, documents, presentations and social graphics.

Marketing Checkup

One of the main expenses we see transferring agents rack up are for marketing services.

Advertising your Listings

We do everything we can to ensure that your listings get the absolute most exposure!

Transaction Coordinator

Don’t worry about hiring an assistant! CBE agents have access to our dedicated Transaction Coordinator. 


Learn everything you'll need to know to pass the real estate exam and become a licensed agent. Take the 60-hour required course, "Principles and Practices of Real Estate," with our award-winning instructors and get your career off to a great start!

The Home of Highly Successful, Incredibly Satisfied Agents

Nobody beats the Coldwell Banker brand when it comes to agent satisfaction with their real estate company1. It sounds simple, but it’s the truth – what matters to you matters to us. Every Coldwell Banker service is the product of diligent research and incredible responsiveness to the needs of our affiliated agents and brokers. It's no wonder why Coldwell Banker also ranks #1 when it comes to agent loyalty2.

This commitment to serving our network truly results in your success. And it’s clear to see:


Affiliated agents who participate in CBU® Learning courses report significantly more listings earned, units closed and sales volume compared to those who don’t3.

Brand Power

We have empowered our network to transact over $335 billion yearly in sales volume4.


Coldwell Banker properties average a 20.7% higher sales price than the NAR average5.


In communities all over the world, Coldwell Banker yard signs command their markets and affiliated agents lead standout careers.


1.Coldwell Banker® / Quester® Real Estate Agent Research, February 2022. 2.Coldwell Banker® / Quester® Real Estate Agent Research, February 2022. Least likely to change brand affiliation. 3.Listings earned, units closed and sales volume of affiliated agents who have attended CBU® Learning Center compared to affiliated agents who have not.  4.Year-end Coldwell Banker Numbers Based on Coldwell Banker Financial Data as of 12/31/2021 5.$444,662 (20% higher average sales price for the Coldwell Banker® network than the 2021 National Association of REALTORS® Average Sales Price of $368,400).

Meet Our Managers

Executive Vice President
Richmond Office
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Stafford Office
Managing Broker
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Ready to Learn?

Agent Education
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CBE Legacy

Caring for the community has been an integral part of Coldwell Banker Elite’s mission since our inception in 1985. Whether it’s supporting local charities, volunteering our time or sponsoring community events, Coldwell Banker Elite has a well-known culture of giving at both the corporate and individual level. Currently, we support a variety of charitable causes, including the Greater Fredericksburg Habitat for Humanity, the Fredericksburg Regional SPCA, the Stafford Hospital 5K, Fredericksburg Area Running Club’s Grand Prix Series, the University of Mary Washington’s Great Lives Series and the Spotsylvania Emergency Concern Association’s annual food drive. Together, we work every day to make our community a better place. 

Our CBE family of agents and staff is made up of all different backgrounds, strengths and interests—with one thing in common: incredible generosity and heart for service. Not only do our agents and staff contribute wholeheartedly to our corporate initiatives, they’re deeply involved in their own personal charitable endeavors. Some organizations our CBE family supports are: Love Thy Neighbor in King George, the Food Bank of Fredericksburg United Methodist Church, the Owen Lea Foundation and many more! 

Beyond CE:  Productivity trainings


In a dynamic and ever-evolving industry, being on top of the game means that you need to have the best information, best tools and the best resources.  However, none of that matters if you don’t have the right guidance and knowledge on how to use them.

This belief is why Coldwell Banker Elite has invested heavily in our education and development. Let’s be clear, this is way beyond just offering CE or your run-of-the-mill class about tricky transactions (although we offer those, too!) Coldwell Banker Elite offers experienced agents intense productivity trainings and workshops tailored specifically to your needs. AMP is a productivity training program designed to turbocharge your effectiveness through the tools and strategies that the best agents use to drive strong increases in your business. Outlist | Outlast is a listing-specific intensive class that focuses on optimizing every single part of your listing process so that you can list more properties and serve your clients better. We’re also constantly offering sessions on how to design graphics, what to post on your social media, how to stay organized and so many more topics that will help you take your business to the next level.

With a team of successful instructors, attorneys, award-winning real estate instructors, mortgage experts and other affiliates on our staff, you’re guaranteed to have the latest and best information available in the industry. We offer online and in-classroom training, including webinars, web-based learning portals and other free training options.

Sales Volume in Millions
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Join Our Team

Check out our non-sales positions that we currently have available.

Your New Career

It’s time…

It’s time that you take control of your career. If you’re a new agent, then Coldwell Banker Elite is uniquely positioned to give you the best beginning of your new career with outstanding training, a robust mentoring program, lead generation programs and countless tools to make you successful.

If you’re a veteran agent, it’s time to throw off those shackles of struggle, feeling lost and lacking in direction as to what’s next. It’s time for you to find the success that you were promised when you entered into this industry.

Coldwell Banker Elite takes ownership of your learning and preparedness. We provide all the tools, all the resources and all the training that you’ll need to master your career. You just have to show the desire and work ethic.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran agent or just getting started, Coldwell Banker Elite has the experience to give you all you need to be successful!

This page is set up to help you navigate the process of getting your real estate license and starting your career off right.


In this day and age, if you’re not leading, you’re at a major disadvantage. That’s why at Coldwell Banker Elite, our finger rests firmly on the pulse of technology. We leverage the latest trends and developments to keep Coldwell Banker Elite agents in the lead, turning Silicon Valley tech into indispensable tools that are simple to use and understand.


Our powerful CBx Technology Suite harnesses big data to more accurately identify and locate potential buyers and sellers for ultra-targeted marketing. Our agent websites are powered by the MoxiWorks platform, which offers high impact agent marketing and a world-class agent platform with predictive analytics and business management tools to help you drive your business to new levels of success.


We have invested heavily in the best support staff in the industry. We have a large staff of dedicated individuals to enhance your career and ensure that no matter what the challenge you have a team behind you to carry you to through. Our diverse group of talented staff are eager to help our Associates face the challenges of not only today, but tomorrow as well.

Your real estate career



I joined CBE because they offered the best tools and support to help me grow my business. I have stayed with CBE because they have demonstrated their commitment to me to ensure that I have every opportunity to provide exceptional service to my clients.

-Robert I., REALTOR®

Many people have found real estate to be an amazing career opportunity.  “Why” is the most important, if not only important question you should ask when choosing a real estate firm to affiliate with.  The right affiliation can make or break an agent’s career.  We understand our role in the Associate’s career.  The agent is the entrepreneur.  We get the privilege of providing you the support, training, guidance, and tools to successfully run your business and advance your carer.  It is our role to equip you, walk alongside you, provide for you the most cutting-edge resources and make you as competitive as you need to build your career.

Training and Education

Whereas many real estate firms say that they offering training and mentoring, Coldwell Banker Elite actually delivers.  We have a structured and robust mentoring programming for new agents and those re-entering the business as well as a coaching program for producing agents who wish to go to the next level. Education is the cornerstone of a successful real estate professional’s career.  The evidence is overwhelming that high producing agents are among some of the best educated.  In a dynamic and ever-evolving industry, being on top of the game means that you have to have the best information, best tools and the best resources.  However, none of that matters if you don’t have the right guidance and knowledge on how to use them.

This belief is why Coldwell Banker Elite has invested heavily in our education and development. With a team of successful instructors, attorneys, national and award-winning real estate instructors, mortgage experts and other affiliates on our staff, you’re guaranteed to have the latest and best information available in the industry. We offer you online and in-classroom training, including webinars, web-based learning portals and other free training options.

Our ongoing technology and sales skills training programs are unparalleled in the industry.  Form Social Media marketing to mobile devices and everything in between we ensure that our Associates are the best trained in the




Great feeling of camaraderie and support on both a company and office level. The tools they provide to their agents set us up for our success.

-Cori C., REALTOR®

Mentoring and Coaching

Mentors are assigned to new agents to work in coordination with the managing broker and support staff to help the agent work through the practical aspect of the practice of real estate.  The mentoring program is offered at no cost to the new agent and includes online and office education and is catered to the new agent’s learning style with a combination of webinars, accountability practices and routine meetings. New agents are offered the best training in the business by which to build a strong and long-lasting career.

Assessments for Development

Coldwell Banker Elite is very dedicated to the success of our Associates and we feel that proper assessments of personality and skill gifting is a great place to start.  The following assessments will help gauge areas where you excel and where you also may need some extra attention.  The Personality assessment takes about 10 minutes and the skills assessment takes about 30.   Both are very accurate and are great learning tools!



The high level of training and consistent investment in many tools promotes the agent’s success. The exceptional leadership team is an amazing resource as well as a professional, caring and supportive network.


-Dawn J., REALTOR®


Coldwell Banker Elite is excited to offer the AMP program! AMP is a productivity training program designed to help our agents develop new, innovative ways to grow your business. The program includes live classroom instruction, self-paced modules, as well as online and interactive learning, all designed to turbocharge your effectiveness through the tools and strategies that the best agents use to drive strong increases in your business.

Discover How We Empower You to Succeed in Business and in Life

At Coldwell Banker Elite, the most important part of our business is our affiliated agents and brokers. In fact, our #1 priority is helping you live an exceptional life. How do we do it? By keeping our most unique and effective offerings sharply focused on the things that drive agent success.

Production Power

We help affiliated agents sell more homes, make more money and work more efficiently.

Coaching to Confidence

We enable affiliated agents to expand their sales and business development through effective education, coaching and support.

Wealth Builder

We offer real financial strategies that affiliated agents can use to grow and protect their personal wealth, now and into the future. We believe your best years are ahead of you.

Culture of Awesomeness

We provide a diverse environment that is collaborative, supportive and fun. We are a company that inspires pride.

Take the first steps toward living an exceptional life. We would love to speak with you.

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