Agent EducationCareers December 13, 2021

How You Can Grow Your Real Estate Business in 2022

As we approach the new year, it’s the perfect time to think about ways you can grow your real estate business. Although it’s true that the market is always fluctuating, there are key tools you can use to bring in more clients and reach new levels of success. Here are our top three ways you can grow your real estate business in 2022. 


1. Implement a Marketing Plan


To widen your sphere of influence, consistent marketing is key. Due to the saturation of more and more real estate agents available, it is important to make a name for yourself through marketing. It’s equally important to know your client base and effectively target them in your marketing plan. One common example of this is using a targeted email campaign that is tailored to your area—more on this later. 


Some other marketing strategies to consider are SMS (text message) marketing, social media/content marketing, local business partnerships, and more! As with previous years, social media will continue to play a huge role in business marketing in 2022. Businesses of all sizes are increasingly relying on using their social media presence for greater visibility and outreach. If you’re not already doing so, 2022 is the perfect time to reach more clients by posting consistently on social platforms like Instagram and Facebook or building a blog. These are relatively cheap (or free) ways to market your business—and there are plenty of apps and platforms that can help you create a consistent posting strategy.


2. Use Technology


In the new year, staying up to date with current technology will be important for growing your real estate business. Now more than ever, people are opting for virtual or video real estate tours and meetings as opposed to in-person meetings. Using some new and updated technology in the real estate world can give you a competitive advantage over other agents.


Some examples of new technologies being used in the real estate industry include virtual reality (VR), which can help users see a realistic viewing of a property from the comfort of their home. Other ideas include hosting live streams or Q&As and posting real estate walk-throughs to social media platforms. If you have past clients who were happy with your services, you can involve them in testimonial videos and reviews to help gain trust with your newer clients.


3. Hone Your Website & Social Media


Having an excellent website can help you set yourself apart from other real estate agents in your region. Your site may be the first place potential clients can learn more about you, your specialties, and the quality of your services. Using professional photography on your website can help you build credibility and show clients that you offer top-notch services.


Don’t hesitate to try out different tools on your site. For example, adding a chatbot is a simple way to make yourself more accessible to potential clients. It can help answer potential questions and simulate personal interactions. Optimizing your website to run smoothly on a mobile device is important too, as mobile device viewing is becoming more and more popular during home searches.


Social media platforms are another great way to market your services and keep people interested. Posting new and engaging content on social media regularly can help attract new clients, as well as refer other clients via secondary social media sharing. Facebook and Instagram are great platforms to begin with.


You Don’t Have to Go at It Alone 


If forming a marketing plan, building a better site, or implementing new tools and technologies sounds overwhelming, know that you as a real estate agent don’t have to go at it alone! Coldwell Banker Elite agents have access to marketing tools that help them grow their client base and keep up-to-date with the current market. Not sure about how to form an email campaign? Our agents have access to email templates tailored for their specific region. Not satisfied with your site? Our team is available to help you customize your own clean, easy-to-navigate site. What about social media ads? We do everything to ensure that your listings get the MOST exposure possible by paying for your social media ads for ALL new listings.


On top of that, you don’t have to lift a finger to create graphics or stress about figuring out an ad-buying platform! For every listing, and a digital ad campaign is automatically created and implemented throughout the internet and on Facebook, Instagram, and Waze—all while you retain editorial control.  


Explore your many benefits as a Coldwell Banker Elite agent today!