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Your Guide to Becoming a Real Estate Agent in Virginia 


In Virginia’s hot market, real estate is an increasingly desirable and lucrative career path. A career in real estate is appealing to many due to the flexibility, variety, and rewarding nature of the job.

If youre thinking about starting your career as a real estate agent, youre in the right place! Keep reading for the typical process of becoming a licensed real estate agent in Virginia. 


Step 1: Make Sure You’re Eligible


To be eligible to become a real estate agent in Virginia, you must:

  •           Be at least 18 years old
  •           Hold a high school diploma or equivalent


Step 2: Do Some Research


Every market is different—some are drastically different from others. So, if you want to get into real estate because your friend in one area is extremely successful, take the time to research the local markets to make sure you know exactly what youre getting into. You can even reach out to local real estate agents to see if you can ride along with them or schedule a quick phone call or lunch to ask vital questions.


Research also helps you get a better understanding of your area and whether or not you’ll enjoy representing it. As a real estate agent, you’ll become an unofficial local guide, so it’s important to be passionate and knowledgeable about your town or city! 


Step 3: Complete 60 Hours of Pre-Licensing Classes


The state of Virginia requires 60 hours of official state pre-licensing education—this can be done in a classroom or online at your convenience. 


If youre looking to transfer your real estate license from another state, visit the Virginia Real Estate Board website to find specific education and exam requirements for existing agents.


Step 4: Pass the Virginia Real Estate Exam


You have to score at least a 75 on the Virginia Real Estate Exam to pass. Dont stress if you have to take it multiple times—theres no limit on how many times someone can take the real estate exam in Virginia.


Step 5: Complete the Fingerprint Requirement


Virginia has an extra step before you can become a licensed real estate agent—have your fingerprints taken at a PSI testing location. If you currently reside outside of Virginia, its still highly encouraged to get your fingerprints taken at a PSI testing location in Virginia. Your complete application will then need to be on file with the board within 45 days, or you will have to redo your fingerprints and pay an additional fee.


Step 6: Find a Broker to Sponsor You


In order to be eligible to sell real estate in Virginia, you must find a licensed broker who agrees to allow you to affiliate with their brokerage. This broker will help you complete your license application. Finding the right broker is an extremely important step because you will be working with them closely. Here are some good questions to ask on your search for a sponsor:


  •           Whats your reputation—locally and nationally?
  •           What kind of real estate agents are you looking for?
  •           Are you technologically advanced and using the latest systems?
  •           How do you support your agents with continuing education and training?
  •           Whats your commission structure?
  •           Do you offer benefits?
  •           Is there room for me to grow with the brokerage?


Step 7: Apply for Your Virginia Real Estate License!


The Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR) is Virginias real estate licensing authority. Youll need to submit your completed and notarized application. Once the application is approved, congratulations, you are officially a licensed agent! 


Ready to get started on your new career? It’s important to start the process off right with a great education! The Northstar Real Estate Academy real estate class meets the Virginia 60-hour licensing program requirements to prepare you to take the licensing exam. Email for more information.