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How To Make Your Home Look Like A Million Bucks

Everyone knows that first impressions are important but when it comes to selling your home, it makes even more of a difference! We’ll go into our top 3 tips for making your home look like a million bucks (without spending a ton!).

new home

Get Spiffy

It might be cliche but it’s true—buyers will appreciate (and pay more for) a clean and tidy house! For everyday showings, all surfaces and floors should be clean and any clutter picked up and put away. A subtle air freshener placed near the entryway can help set the mood. You may want to re-arrange the furniture in your home so that it’s easier for people to navigate during showings—this will probably be different from how you normally use your furniture but it’ll make a subconscious difference for the buyers!

When you’re getting your listing pictures done, you’ll want to go the extra mile. This may not be sustainable for everyday life but it’ll make a huge difference when people are searching for homes online. Completely clear off the counters—yes, completely. That means hide your toaster/decorative salt shaker collection/anything else you keep regularly on your counters in cabinets. A big clean empty countertop makes the kitchen or bathroom look bigger. The same goes for all types of visual clutter in the house—anything that can be hidden away in closets or cabinets, should be, at least for the pictures.

watering plants

Shrubs, Flowers and Trees, Oh My

After you finish reading this paragraph, go outside and take a look at your house. Is the lawn mowed? Are the flowers and bushes blooming or struggling? Is there fresh mulch and does the yard look generally well-kept? If you’re lacking a green thumb, this might be a good time to hire outside help. The yard should look healthy and manicured and complement the home’s features.

farmhouse kitchen

Fake It

Nobody has to know that you don’t normally host extravagant soirees and you’re more likely to heat up a TV dinner than whip up gourmet fare. When you’re selling your home, buyers need your help to see its potential, not just what it’s being used for currently. Fresh flowers in the foyer, luxe throws across the sofa and beautiful place settings at the table allow buyers to imagine what their life could be like in this particular home. If you’ve already moved everything out of the home, it may be worth setting up some decor in the entryway or on the mantle—just to accent the home’s features.