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CBx: Your Agent’s Secret Weapon

Selling your home can feel like a shot in the dark sometimes—who should my agent be advertising my home to? What type of person is most likely to want to live in my area? How does my home stack up against the other homes in the neighborhood? What if you could pinpoint exactly who was most likely to buy your home and speak directly to them? Coldwell Banker has done exactly that and given their agents a huge leg-up on the competition with the CBx technology suite.

Only available to Coldwell Banker agents, CBx transforms “big data” into critical market intelligence. Using machine learning, proprietary algorithms and easy to understand displays, the CBx Technology Suite analyzes consumer, demographic and economic information from various sources to provide agents with insights they can’t get anywhere else.


Agents can set price adjustments to allow for improvements and desirable features and show how your home compares to other homes in the area. Once the price is set, the app identifies likely markets where potential buyers currently live. With CBx, Coldwell Banker agents can target the most likely buyers to get results fast. On top of that, Coldwell Banker is pumping even more horsepower into the app with the brand new “Propensity to Move” data point. This takes the Buyer Profile Map to the next level by not only telling you how a target area compares to your home with the percentage match, but also telling you the percentage of people that are likely to move in that target area.

CBx allows your agent to tell unique “stories” about neighborhoods and specific homes and inform their approach to a sales strategy. With the data from CBx, your Coldwell Banker agent can better target their online ads to reach exactly who’s most likely to buy your home. This approach saves you valuable time and money when you’re looking to move!