BlogHoliday March 31, 2019

If These Walls Could Talk: Google’s New HoME Plug Lets Your Home Talk To You

Late Sunday night, Google released its newest smart home device, the “HoME” Plug. By just plugging the HoME into a wall outlet, homeowners can have an inside look on not only what their home’s immediate maintenance needs are but also it’s preferences vis-a-vis paint colors, interior feng shui, and complementary landscaping.

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Beta testers reported improved energy efficiency and “much better vibes” after just a few weeks of using the HoME plug. Sarah Jones, of Spotsylvania, says “Obviously, we love the fact that our house can order it’s own air filters and deck stain now but we didn’t realize how badly it wanted us to rearrange the living room furniture. It really flows better in there now.”

After months of testing, Google found that most homes preferred more neutral colors and resented “statement walls.” The HoME can also let homes order their own deep cleanings and lawn service, as needed. “We found that just letting the house tell us what it wanted was actually more cost-efficient! Turns out, we only need to shampoo the carpet every few months and the house looks just as good,” reports Jack Henson of Locust Grove. Pet parents will love the updates about Fido’s activity throughout the day and can even get notifications if a naughty pup tries to get into the trash.

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As with any new release, there will be minor bugs that need to be worked out but Google is optimistic for the device’s potential. “We’ve had very few issues but there have been reports of homes ordering all new shrubbery for themselves or activating the sprinklers after streaming a really sad movie… This should all be worked out with our next firmware update,” assures Greg Kent, Director of Sentient Smart Home Products at Google.

If you’ve read this far, this is obviously a big ‘ol APRIL FOOLS!! While we’d be first in line to buy a HoME plug and find out our home’s innermost thoughts and desires, this product doesn’t exist…yet! Want to know more about *actual* smart home products? Reach out to any of our Smart Home Certified agents!

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