Blog October 27, 2020

Sharing Our Dog Adoption Stories

We’re finishing out our first-ever virtual Homes for Dogs Month strong by promoting adoptable dogs and sharing the shelters’ wishlists! Even if you can’t adopt right now, donating to the shelter directly or buying something off their Amazon wishlist is still incredibly helpful. Check out our Facebook for more info on how you can get involved or scroll down to the end of this post for shelter links! 

Coldwell Banker Elite agents love to support our Homes for Dogs Project every year because many of them have experienced the life-changing (for them AND the dog!) magic of dog adoption personally! Here are some of our agents’ adoption stories–with cute pictures, of course!

Bernadette Talty & Perrin

“I’ve been rescuing German Shepherds for the past 16 years and this guy, Perrin, was the Absolute Best Dog ever!
We adopted Perrin at 1 yr old after he suffered physical abuse by his original owner. At first, if you even tried to pet him, he would soil himself. He would only let me, “mama”, pet him near his hind legs. It took 6 months for him to feel comfortable hanging around the house, outside of his crate.”

german shepher dog adoption rescue

“Perrin turned out to be the Best German shepherd we ever adopted!! Loyal, calm, loving, gentle, obedient (he didn’t even need a leash and we never trained him), took care of the kids….I could go on and on and on about how amazing he was. He died in 2012 and there’s never been another dog like him. ❤️” – Bernadette Talty

Terin Merriman & Henry Theodore

“4 and a half years ago I saw this guy on the Stafford County Animal Shelter’s Facebook page. I was so drawn to him. I went that same day to see him, but because he was on a stray hold I could only talk to him through the cage he was in. A cage I was told not to stick my fingers through, but me being me, I did anyway. He bit me. Right then I decided he was the one for me.”

“I patiently waited almost 2 weeks for his stray hold to expire. No one ever came for my little guy, so I did. On the day he was available for adoption, my Dad and I waited outside from 5 am to ensure I was first in line for him. Since he was a stray they didn’t have any real info on him. I decided his name was Henry Theodore. They estimated he was 2 years old (I later found out from his vet he was 12 months max), he was malnourished, missing chunks of fur, matted, and had wounds from his previous owner’s mistreatment.

It’s taken time but my once-skittish and timid guy has done a full 180. He’s a healthy 10+ pounds, I pay more money for his haircuts than my own, he’s wildly intelligent, and he lives for his toys & to lounge on the patio. The King of our castle. A male model extraordinaire. Full of spunk and happiness. He’s my absolute best friend.” –Terin Merriman

Rita Muller & Bullet & Abby

“Abby (5 years old) and Bullet (3 years old) were both adopted within 2 years of each other. Abby and her siblings were born on a farm in West Virginia, under a deck 5 years ago. I found the listing for her litter while I was searching Facebook for rescue pups. The family of this litter wanted the pups all to find good homes. My husband, son, and I traveled to Berkeley County, WV one warm October day where we met Abby and fell in love immediately with our Golden Girl. She has been such a great addition to our family, so warm and loving.”

adopted dogs rescue
“Bullet’s story is a bit more intense. He and his littermates were part of a puppy mill. Thankfully, we were able to save Bullet from this devastating life. Because of how he was bred, he has suffered immensely. Our poor pup has severe separation anxiety issues & has had destructive behavioral issues that we have had to throw hundreds of dollars at to correct with training. He is also very skittish around new individuals. However, once he allows you into his pack, you are then loved on and slobbered on. Stop the Puppy Mills from ever happening! There are so many that need a warm loving home in the shelters just waiting. Adopt don’t shop, my friends!” – Rita Muller

Can’t Adopt? Here’s How You Can Help! 

Fredericksburg SPCA: You can donate directly via their website, drop off anything on this list at the shelter, or buy something off their Amazon wishlist which will be shipped straight to the shelter! 

Stafford County Animal Shelter: You can drop off or mail monetary donations to the shelter building or buy something off their Amazon wishlist

Prince William County Animal Shelter: You can drop off anything on this list at the shelter but they’d also appreciate donations of gift cards to pet supply stores! 

Spotsylvania Animal Shelter: You’re always welcome to drop off supplies donations at the shelter and spread the word about adoptable animals! 

Orange County Animal Shelter: You can donate to the Orange County Humane Society or drop off pet food and supplies at the shelter building! 

Squishy Face Crew: They have an Amazon wishlist or you can donate directly via their website!