Homeowners August 15, 2021

Could Your Home Benefit from New Windows?

When it comes to home improvements, installing new windows may not even be on the bottom of your bucket list. New windows are an investment that are meant to last a long time, and for that reason, homeowners don’t often consider upgrading their windows until it’s absolutely necessary. 


However, it may be worthwhile to take a closer look at your home’s existing windows. Like any home feature, windows are vulnerable to wear and tear. While the physical appearance of windows may age slowly throughout the years, the real wear and tear occurs on your windows’ functionality—namely, their insulation. Because of this, upgrading your windows has a variety of aesthetic and financial benefits. 


Below are five common advantages of new windows that can help you determine whether your home could significantly benefit from installing new windows:


1.    They improve energy efficiency and reduce heating and cooling costs.


In addition to letting in natural light and color, windows can also bring an element of the unwanted into our homes in the form of drafts and temperature fluctuations. Per the US Department of Energy, heat transfer through windows drives 25–30% of residential heating and cooling energy use. If your windows are on the older side, that could be a conservative estimate for your home.


Modern windows now come available with a variety of design and build features that improve their insulating ability and create significant energy savings. Windows made with low emissivity (low-e) glass reduce the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light that pass through them. Frame material can also be optimized to improve insulation.


Energy Star estimates that a dual-pane window replacement can save the average home up to $101–$583 a year on energy costs. They estimate that a single-pane window replacement saves the average home $27–$197 a year.


2.    They reduce the amount of allergens and dust coming into your home.


Window coverings are often magnets for dust and allergens. For this issue, a modern solution is also available in the form of between-the-glass blinds and shades. These devices can be operated cordlessly and stay pristine behind protective layers of glass. For those looking to save time on cleaning or alleviate their allergies, these are a great choice.


3.    They can boost your home value.


Windows are unique in that they influence both the interior and exterior look and feel of a room. Appraisers and buyers alike will always take careful note of the condition of a home’s windows.


Remodeling.com estimates that homeowners can recoup on average 69% of the cost of replacing vinyl windows upon resale, a return that ranks higher than that of mid-range and upscale kitchen remodels and bathroom remodels.


4.    They can enhance your curb appeal.


For all of their functional benefits, windows are still arguably as integral to the outside appearance of a house as any other single component. Whether you’re going for a classic design or an eye-catching motif, new windows are an easy way to add a little extra polish to the exterior appearance of your home.


5.    They reduce the amount of outside noise coming in.


You may not notice this benefit right away, but over time you’ll likely feel a greater sense of calm and relaxation that follows the installation of new, well-insulated windows. Windows are by design more difficult to soundproof than solid walls—that being said, most people probably underestimate the extent to which windows can block noise, especially if they’re accustomed to older or less solidly built windows.


By incorporating features such as multi-paned glass and acoustic inserts, new windows can have a dramatic impact in noise reduction. That’s one benefit that will let you rest easy!


If any of these benefits appeal to you, or your current windows are showing clear signs of deterioration, it may be time to consider purchasing new windows. Because of their functional, financial, and aesthetic benefits, new windows are an investment worth considering any time of the year!