SeasonsSellers November 24, 2021

How to Prep Your Home for Spring Selling

Spring is typically the busiest season for buyers and sellers. With market conditions stabilizing in Virginia, it’s predicted that selling patterns will remain relatively stable through the winter until spring. 

As the weather gets colder and we celebrate the holidays with loved ones, there are still things you can do during this season to prepare for spring selling. After all, you don’t want to get stuck worrying about the prep all at once! Here are some ways to get ready to sell your home in the spring during the winter months.


First: Declutter


Winter is an excellent time to finally go through old boxes and items that ar no longer needed. When selling your home, it’s important for there to be as little clutter as possible for your staging photos and walk-throughs, even in your basement and attic. The more clutter around, the smaller (and messier) your house looks—but don’t head straight for the trash can! You can always donate old furniture, clothing and other items. The holiday season is an excellent time to donate because shelters, charities, and donation drives are especially in need of clothing, toys, and other items during this time.


Go through each room and attempt to de-clutter. The kitchen is often regarded as the most important room in every home, so this may be the room to focus on first. You may want to start there if you have a basement since basements tend to accumulate junk and double as a storage unit over the years. 


Do some winter deep-cleaning


Deep cleaning an entire house can be very time-consuming, so get started now to make your spring self happy! A deep clean is important for making your home look its best in your staging photos and walk-throughs. This might include washing and cleaning places that are not normally cleaned and going the extra mile to make the home look spotless. Maybe your shower needs a good scrub or re-caulking—whatever it is, spring cleaning doesn’t have to wait for spring!


Get started on staging 


When it comes time to sell your house in the spring, all realtors will tell you the importance of staging your home. The goal of home staging is to show off your home’s assets while making it welcoming to the average prospective buyer. This means depersonalizing by packing up more personal items—this may be harder to do during the holidays—repainting walls with more neutral colors, and removing wall coverings. On cold or snowy winter days, you can start tackling some of these things to make the staging process easier in the spring.


Prep for your home inspection 


Like home staging, home inspections are another vital part of the selling process for buyers and sellers alike. Home inspections identify major repairs that are needed for your home and can play in your offer amount. Sometimes buyers and sellers can negotiate for one party to cover all repairs. In general, it’s best not to be caught unaware of any vital repairs your house needs during the selling process.

In the winter, you can make sure any necessary repairs are taken care of in advance. This might include things like plumbing repairs, HVAC repairs, or important electrical concerns. Pre-inspection repairs may also include tackling interior appliances, damp or moldy basements, or other concerns that will be obstacles. Learn more about how to prepare for a home inspection here.

You don’t have to wait! 


Though it may be challenging to find the motivation to get these tasks done in the winter, advance prep can make selling in the spring run much smoother! With people spending more time at home getting ready for holiday festivities, these months are a great time to focus on your home and even increase its value. When spring comes, youll be ready to list your home and get the ball rolling right away!