HomeownersSeasons December 6, 2021

How to Keep Up Your Curb Appeal This Winter

Missing your vibrant summer flowers and bright green lawn? When the colder winter months hit, many of us decorate our home interiors to look like a winter wonderland. Here are some ways you can spruce up your home’s curb appeal so it will look just as lively and inviting in the winter, too!


Berry Wreaths: There may be more white than green in your yard this time of the year, but there are still ways to bring color into your landscape! Using bright and vibrant red colors, like those in berry wreaths, is an excellent way to jazz up your home entrance. While traditional wreaths are beautiful, dark green can get lost in a sea of gray. Adding some berry wreaths will give your home the pop of color you’re looking for this winter!


Use String Lights: Adding string lights to the front of your home is a quick and inexpensive way to give your home a whole new feel. String lights provide warmth and color to your home’s curb appeal. The great thing about string lights is that they can be used in so many unique ways—wrapped around trees and pillars, hung above doorways and windows, or draped on bushes. One unique idea is to place string lights in a glass lantern on your porch! Pinterest is a great place to gather some more ideas of ways to use string lights.


Tidy Up: Although it’s tempting to leave debris on your lawn with the expectation that snow will soon cover it, maintaining your yard during the winter months pays off in the long run. Ridding your lawn of debris like leaves and branches during the winter has benefits apart from aesthetics–for example, cleaning your gutters before the first freeze or major snowfall of the season means that you’ll have less work on your hands in the springtime. However, we wouldn’t advise projects like gutter cleaning in the thick of winter when built-up snow makes thorough cleaning impossible and even dangerous due to slippery conditions. 


Freshen Up the Paint: Peeling or discolored siding can make your home’s curb appeal look super bleak, especially in the winter. Whether it’s repainting your front door a bold color to make it pop, or putting a fresh coat of paint on the entire home, adding a new color is a great way to enhance the curb appeal of your home. If you decide to paint, we advise starting in the late morning when the sun is out and stopping around the middle of the day to let the paint cure before night. As with heavy-duty lawn maintenance, we recommend painting only at the start of the season, before temperatures drop too low. Any temperature below 50 degrees Fahrenheit is inadvisable for painting outside.  


Mailbox Redesign: Have an old or boring mailbox? Consider replacing it or repainting it! Winter is the perfect time to take on this small project while you await your holiday mail. If you want your house to stand out, make your mailbox unique and unlike others on your street!


Redo Your Street Number: Are your house’s numbers easily visible from the street and at night? Replacing them with updated numbers with spotlights is a great way to help your home look excellent during winter nights. This inexpensive project is a great project to take on, especially if you’re hosting guests over the holidays and want them to be able to find your house easily! 


Give these simple ideas a try to help keep up your home’s curb appeal all winter!