Home Improvement July 5, 2022

5 Ways to Create Usable Outdoor Living Space Without Breaking the Bank

The summer is a great time to remind us that our backyard can be much more enjoyable. The backyard is meant to entertain the masses during some of the most jubilant summer outings.

There’s no reason to be crowded indoors to host a function inside your well-kept home when you can ramp up your backyard for extra entertaining! This article will present five ways to create the backyard of your dreams to make it a usable and beautiful outdoor living space without breaking the bank!

Why Create An Outdoor Living Space?

You might wonder why you should invest in creating an outdoor living space. While most people focus on the home’s interior first, there are many benefits to creating an outdoor space that fits your lifestyle. In addition to increased enjoyment out of your home, here are other reasons you should invest in creating a fabulous outdoor space:

  • Increase the value of your home: A patio or deck can add great value to your home. This benefits anyone who plans to sell their home in the future. A great backyard can be an effective differentiating factor in a neighborhood with similar homes.


  • Add more living space: Extending that space outdoors makes for an ideal space for relaxing. With more people working from home, it’s wonderful to have a place to take a break and enjoy the scenery.


  • Create a space to entertain: Why limit yourself to the interior of your home to entertain when you could have a beautiful backyard with all the amenities?


  • Increase your chances of spending time outdoors: It’s beautiful in the summer, and having the accommodations in your backyard just gives you a reason to want to spend more time with nature and enjoy it.

5 Ways to Create Usable Outdoor Living Space

It’s not always expensive to turn your backyard into the next best living space. Here are five ways to do that, even if you’re on a budget.

1. Add a fire pit

Fire pits are great for gathering around and hanging around with loved ones. You can spend money on a professional installation or do it yourself. 


If you’re into DIY projects, dig a ring about an 8” deep area, fill it with sand, and level it. Then stack it with stones. After two levels of stone, add a layer of gravel to the center of the pit and stack one or two more rings of stone. And voila! You have your fire pit.

2. Create comfortable hangout zones

If you entertain frequently, you’ll need a comfortable hangout zone to attract people. Consider a lounge, bar, or outdoor kitchen/grilling area on your deck or patio. People tend to flock to spaces that look inviting. On the less expensive end, install a couple of hammocks or a hanging chaise to encourage rest and relaxation. 

3. Cover your space

It doesn’t matter if it’s rain or shine when you entertain outdoors if you have covered seating. Consider adding a pavilion to your backyard. You could also keep it simple by purchasing an overhang for your deck or installing an extra-large umbrella over the table. You’ll give the impression that you’re always ready to entertain, no matter the weather.

4. Add greenery

Bring nature into your backyard by adding living decor. Use planters, trees, flowers, or your favorites to liven up your backyard. Plants are a great way to make a space feel cozy and relaxing with minimal cost and effort. 

5. Add Lighting

Add lighting to enhance the atmosphere of a perfect night out and ensure the backyard is well lit. Use landscape lighting to ensure walkways are lighted and tabletop lamps over dining areas. Use string lights around your deck or place heavy-duty string lights on trees.