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The Top 4 Questions We Get From Renters

We often get questions from renters who are either enjoying renting or those who are contemplating making the switch from renting to homeownership.  Today, we’re answering the four most common questions renters are asking us.


  1. Should I rent or buy? 


For nearly every individual or family, this answer will vary. Depending on your circumstances, budget, and personal preferences, your conclusion may change. For example, your decision to rent or buy is highly dependent on where you’d like to live, what the housing market looks like for a comparable rental property versus buying something similar, and your overall budget for housing. 


A good rule of thumb is if you can comfortably afford to put a down payment on a home, find value in being in one spot for several years, and want the ability to change or renovate your home, homeownership may be the right decision for you.


On the flip side, if you live in a more urban area and prefer to live closer to different amenities and entertainment options, prefer to keep your housing costs as a line item on your budget, and would rather be able to call maintenance to fix your leaky faucet, renting may be a great fit for you. 


  1. Should I get renters insurance? 


Our answer to this commonly asked question is a resounding yes! Renters insurance protects you from all kinds of potential costs that are difficult to plan for otherwise – and often, it’s required by the landlord of a property. This is because the landlord is responsible for the structure and property of the rental, but not your personal belongings that are inside. 


The best thing about this type of insurance policy is that it’s relatively inexpensive and typically comes in at a cost of anywhere from $15-30 per month. Renters insurance includes protecting your belongings in a rental property and when you’re traveling, and liability coverage should something happen to your home.


If renters insurance is affordable to you and you are living in a rental property, we always recommend renters insurance.


  1. How do I find out more information about the community?


There are a few ways to go about learning the reality of living in a new place. 


First, we recommend taking advantage of websites like and that allow a behind-the-scenes peek into what people who live in those neighborhoods experience and talk about daily. These sites are also great for vetting a complex or area with limited reviews available online. 


The second way to get a better feel for a new area is by driving through the neighborhood multiple times. This doesn’t just mean every day right after work, but driving through at varying times to get a better understanding of how active, slow, safe, etc. the area feels at different hours of a normal day.


  1. What repairs fall under the landlord’s responsibilities and what do I have to fix?

Are you unsure of who the responsibility for a repair falls on? This can vary depending on your landlord or property management team. Generally, if maintenance or repairs are needed for normal wear and tear, or issues predating your occupancy of the unit come to light, it is your landlord’s responsibility to fix the issue.


However, if there is an issue or repair needed because of neglect by the tenant, failure to comply with property rules, or otherwise self-inflicted damage, those repairs will fall on the tenant to fix


Renters Love CBE


Regardless of if you plan to rent forever, or if you’re looking to move into a home of your own someday, we love working with homeowners and renters alike to make their homes perfect for them. Follow along with our blog for more content around all things home!