BlogHolidaySeasons November 27, 2022

3 Ways to Be A Great Real Estate Agent Over the Holidays

If you’re planning to work with real estate clients during the holiday season this year, you may be struggling to figure out how you can make the absolute best use of your time while still balancing your own festivities and rest.

This year, we’re sharing our favorite tips for being an incredible real estate agent while also prioritizing your own holiday celebrations!

1. Stay in Touch

As we enter the most festive time of year, one of the best things you can do as a real estate agent is simply to be available and stay in touch. Whether this means a quick phone call to check in with current clients, or catching up with a prior client to see how they’re enjoying their new home, these simple interactions can go a long way.. Everyone is busier than usual – likely traveling, visiting family and friends, or simply stepping out of their routine to rest, relax, and celebrate the holidays. So if you’re making time to stay in contact and be available to answer questions or address concerns, you’re already ahead of the competition. 

While your clients or prospective clients are traveling or taking time off for the holidays, increased availability will make their homebuying or selling experience much smoother when they have access to an agent that can help to fill in the gaps for them. In turn, you’ll make a positive impression, have more satisfied customers, and potentially even increase your referrals for being such a great agent.

2. Celebrate with Festive Theming

Whether they’re buying a home currently or not, your network likely follows you on social media or is a part of your email list. What better way to help them celebrate the season than with festive-themed content for them to enjoy? 

We’ve seen all kinds of content from agents including a themed Spotify playlist for the holiday season, infographics about the market or homes in general, and of course information about the current market, This seasonal content can be educational, entertaining, or simply community-building. Consider the ways that your audience tends to interact with your content and create more of those fun and lighthearted posts or emails to distribute around the festive season.

3. Schedule Time to Enjoy the Season

You can only be the best version of yourself when you prioritize the time and space to step back and enjoy time with your loved ones as well. Everyone deserves to rest and recharge over this sometimes chaotic season. While the real estate market can be an unforgiving one, it is a more important time than ever to schedule some time away from the grind. 

What can this look like in a busy time of year and a demanding real estate market? Our top tip is to intentionally set a schedule for yourself. When you’re working, be sure to be productive. It’s too easy to spend “working” hours daydreaming about Christmas dinner or mentally finalizing your gift shopping lists. To make the most of your holiday season, set specific chunks of time that you’ll be working and commit to focused work time during those blocks. Also, be sure to communicate your plans with your clients so they know when to reach out to you and when you may be unavailable. That way, when you are off celebrating, spending time with family, or simply resting, you can completely mentally check out and enjoy your time away from work. 

4. Be Their Best Gift This Holiday Season

While many folks will be taking a step back from work and major life changes like moving, the people that are buying or selling will likely be particularly stressed or overwhelmed with moving over the holidays. As their real estate agent, you have an opportunity to make this process easier simply by being intentional with your communication, your availability, and with your knowledge of the process. 

Be the agent that takes great care of your clients during this hectic time of year, and you may just be their favorite of the gifts they receive during the holidays.