Blog December 27, 2022

5 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home for 2023

Whether you begin your post-holiday home “reset” the day after Christmas or later into 2023, going through your home with a critical eye as we enter into a new year is a great way to prepare yourself and your home for the year ahead.

Today we’re diving into five tasks that you can do around your home to simplify and reset after the holiday season. 

1. Declutter

Start by going through each room of your home and getting rid of any clutter or items that you no longer need or use. Start by doing a sweep of your home, keeping an eye out for expired products (such as beauty products or medications), excess of the same kinds of items, things that you haven’t used or use less than once a year, etc. 

An easy way to make faster decisions when you’re decluttering is to make four piles of items. – trash, donations, give-away (to friends or family), and keep. Then once you’re done, you know exactly what to do with each category! 

When you reduce the overall number of items in your home, you not only reduce the stress that can come along with too much clutter, but you also make it much simpler to clean your home on a daily basis. 

2. Deep Clean

Speaking of cleaning, be sure to give your home a thorough cleaning at the beginning of the year. We’re talking baseboards, dusty corners, scrubbing toilets, wiping down cabinets, etc. Leave no surface untouched! 

By doing a deep clean, your home will feel fresh for the new year, but also will be much easier to maintain a clean-feeling home with regular vacuuming, wiping counters, etc. 

3. Transition Decor

New year, new home decor! After the holidays, there is something refreshing about taking down the seasonal decor and replacing it with either your year-round decorations or a more general winter theme. Regardless of what kind of decorations you choose to put up in place of holiday trimmings, use this time to evaluate where you may want to change or update your home’s decor. This could include adding new throw pillows, curtains, or artwork, or repainting a room in a fresh, new color.

4. Take Stock

After traveling, or hosting for the holidays is the perfect time to take stock in your home. This means taking a look at your linens – for example – to assess your towels and sheets. Do you have enough? Is it time to replace anything? 

If you take the time to make these decisions before you’re in a towel or sheet emergency, you’ll be prepared for anything in your home over the next twelve months. 

5. Set Goals

A new year isn’t just about resolutions for yourself personally or professionally. It’s also a great opportunity to set goals and make plans for your home as well. Are you wanting to make any renovations to your home? Maybe you want to add a deck or redo your kitchen. Whether big ticket changes or budget-friendly DIY projects, the start of a new year is a good time to plan for these.

As you’re making plans, don’t forget to start thinking about budgeting for your home projects as well. When you consider your budget in advance, those projects can feel more intentional and fun rather than stressful. 


No matter what the new year brings for you and your family, make sure your home is ready for it all! Your home is the stage for your daily life, so by taking care of it and making it a space you love, you’re setting yourself up for a wonderful 2023.