About Me:

I have been working with Coldwell Banker Elite since 2002 where I helped transition the company into a paperless, more green friendly organization.

I currently run a successful real estate business here at Coldwell Banker Elite.

I have been successful because I believed that the most effective way to have successful real estate transactions and to assist my clients could be boiled down to two basic ideas; dynamic marketing and personal attention to client needs. We developed what I call our high tech/ high touch approach over the last few years encompassing the newest technology to market our new build projects and listings always with a the goal of being more available than our competition for our client’s day to day needs. A good example for buyers of our high tech/ high touch philosophy is the comfort of knowing I’m always using the newest technology to find you a home you love and conversations about the process will be with me directly, on your schedule, throughout the process. For sellers I find that counseling my clients in the best way to market their specific home and tailoring my marketing efforts specifically to their home and their needs makes the process more personal. My sellers know their home and should be part of the marketing process.

I also create advertising flyers, radio spots, print media, video tour marketing, interview and mixed media video in house and with the help of HD Bros. This allows clients to have a say in how their home or project is marketed. This also allows me to have a hand in everything we do and respond quickly to changes in public perception and the market. I wanted to blur the line between marketing firm and real estate agent because to sell quickly both pieces need to be managed as one.

I pride myself in finding the most creative solutions to market and sell my clients’ real estate. As a realtor my best tool is my enjoyment of the real estate business. I bring passion to the negotiation table and an artful eye to our marketing strategies because to put it simply …I am doing what I love to do.

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