About Me:

You may find that buying a house in Fredericksburg can be tricky, but I like a challenge. I also enjoy solving your buying and selling challenges by being solution oriented. I have called the Fredericksburg region home for most of my life. This gives you the advantage of having a local on your team. Even when I went away to school at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Fredericksburg’s numerous activities and cultural experiences made it easy to return upon graduation. The small-town feel and availability of larger city amenities make it the perfect place to call home. I graduated with honors majoring in business. During my college years, I learned about the importance of problem-solving and helping people. When I turned 18, I had my first transaction with real estate, by obtaining a piece of land in Caroline County, Va. The process intrigued me and soon after, I enjoyed helping my family with their real estate transactions! Through these experiences, I realized I could use my problem-solving skills to seek solutions to benefit all parties in real estate. I love working in real estate by seeing the potential that a property could have in helping sellers and buyers realize their own dream. I see property potential because of my background in construction, my relentless research, and my pursuit of the latest design and building trends. Helping clients brings me satisfaction and helps them call a place a home they are proud to own. When I’m not working with real estate, I enjoy playing tennis and working out. I also spend time traveling with my friends and family worldwide. At home, I enjoy playing with my rescue Doberman Pincher, Lola, and cooking meals for family and friends. I’ve always enjoyed nature and being outdoors and I’m passionate about protecting the environment. With this interest, I persuaded the city of Fredericksburg to get an electric car charging station installed downtown. I’m excited to assist you in solving your real estate journey with solution-based problem-solving!

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