About Me:

Some of my fondest early memories are of working at my father’s side on construction sites. I remember sitting in the backhoe “helping” him dig foundations, trailing after him in Oshkosh bibbers, eager to frame out windows or install cabinets. As a kid I was fascinated by how fast it all seemed to happen, by the process of how a little piece of land became a house.

When I got older and was no longer pretending to work, but actually building houses from the ground up I absorbed every piece of knowledge I could – why you should avoid shortcuts in construction, the reason why vinyl windows were a better choice, or how to double check to make sure every small job was perfect so the end result was a solid and lasting structure. The finished houses were wonderful, so perfect and new. But they also struck me, even when I was really young, as empty and waiting.

My favorite part of all was when I would drive past the house a few months later and there were chairs on the front porch, soccer goals in the front yard, and lights blinking happily through the windows. My favorite part was when the house became a home, and it still is. Helping people find their homes is what I do, and it’s something I’ve been training for since I could barely lift a hammer.

I have over a decade of home sales experience in Northern Virginia. My area of specialization is in custom built homes, but my professional knowledge of construction, building materials, and land are invaluable tools when helping clients search for any kind of home. I can also speak to quality and integrity of a potential lot, whether built-on or empty, in terms of potential water shed issues, access to local water and sewage lines, or how to situate the house the best way possible.

With an extensive knowledge of building codes and a developed eye for analyzing structural problems, I can also help my clients understand and interpret the often jargon-heavy home inspections and can give honest, informed advice on any issues that arise. Being able to know the difference between a potential $10,000 fix and more minor updates will allow my clients to make the most informed decision possible.

In addition to helping people find the home that fits them best, I also enjoy introducing clients to my hometown. As a native of Fredericksburg, I’m well equipped to reveal some of the city’s secrets and hidden gems – I can share all the fastest shortcuts, key you in on the tastiest restaurants (whether you’re in the mood for kimchi, enchiladas, or a really good steak), and have sterling recommendations on everything from landscaping to dry cleaning.

Whether you’re looking to build the house of your dreams, want to upgrade to accommodate your growing family, or are eager to buy your first home – I have the knowledge and experience to help you through the home-buying process.

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