About Me:

I’ve heard it all my life, “She’s little, but she sure is feisty”. I may have to wear high heels to get to five feet tall, but ever since high school I’ve had a reputation for being passionate about whatever motivates me.

In my first job as an optician there wasn’t a face, I couldn’t find the perfect eyewear for. When I was a case manager for life insurance, my clients were more than just a client in a folder, they were people who I grew to know incredibly well. I loved working in a field where I felt I was helping families, but I needed more.
After marriage, my husband and I moved to Hawaii and started a family. Three kids and six home-moves later we finally settled our roots in Virginia. This is where I found my passion for serving others really thrived once my path led me to becoming a Realtor.

As I got more and more into my career, I found that serving my clients, protecting their family, helping buyers and sellers achieve their goals all motivated me. It was a career I was meant for.

I love Virginia. People always ask me how I could love Virginia more than Hawaii? It’s easy, I’m a city girl at heart with a side of mountain life, Virginia is home. Virginia has a great deal to offer and I would love to show it to you and your family. If you are looking to relocate or sell your home, I’d love to put my personal and professional experience to work for you.

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