Rental Application

Application Checklist

  • Signed Fair Housing Guidelines
  •  Signed Guidelines used to qualify Residents & Guarantors of Our Rental Homes
  •  Initialed and Signed Requirements needed to process your Application
  •  Signed VAR Rental Application
  •  Clear and readable DMV photo identification
  •  Proof of all sources of Income, last 3 most current paystubs and last year’s 1040 (tax return), copy of Military orders and LES for military personnel
  •  Residency Verification Form
  •  Employment Verification Form
  •  Current evidence of all required registrations and inoculations and Color Picture of Pet  
  •  $50 Application Fee (Per Adult) in Money Order or Cashier’s Check made payable to Coldwell Banker Elite.  Personal checks & cash are not accepted.
  •  Separate Money Order or Cashier’s Check, made payable to Coldwell Banker Elite and/or Applicant Name, in the amount of one month’s rent for Application Deposit.  Personal checks & cash are not accepted.




Checklist Once Application Has Been Approved

Upon approval, I understand it is my responsibility to provide the following at time of lease signing:

  • Additional Security Deposit (if applicable) – Certified Funds Only
  • Pet Fee/Deposit (if applicable) – Certified Funds Only

    On Move in Day:

    •  FULL Month’s Rent – Certified Funds Only
    •  Proof of Insurance
    •  Proof of Utility connection
    •  Tenant handbook signature page
    •  Tenant information sheets

      Instructions for Presenting a Rental Application

      For All Applications

      • All monies must be in certified funds (money order, cashier’s check, certified bank check). Personal checks and/or cash will NOT be accepted.
      • Application fee is $50.00 per adult (age 18 or older)
      • All funds must be separate (application deposit, application fee, rent) and payable to ‘Coldwell Banker Elite and/or applicants Name’
      • A copy of the original application and proof of funds should be sent to the Property Management office by fax: (540)288-1102, or email:, for expedited processing. However, original copy of application and certified funds must be sent to the Property Management office (4840 Southpoint Dr., Fredericksburg, VA 22407).
      • Copy of DMV issues license/ID Card.
      • Agents’ business card must be attached to the application.

      For Property Managed Properties

      • Residency and Employment verification forms must be complete for each applicant.
      • Present latest 3 paystubs/ pay statements with application. If self-employed, provide personal tax filings for last 2 years.
      • Copy of LES and military orders.

      Once the Application has been Submitted

      • All applications are processed in the order in which they are received, provided that the application is complete. (Applications that are sent without funds, or a copy of the funds, will not be processed).
      • Processing may take up to 48 business hours for non-property managed properties.
      • Property Managed Properties take a bit longer while waiting on the Employment and Residency verification forms to come back.
      • If the application is for a home that is not a property managed property, a credit summary will be returned to the Agent who presented the application for processing.
      • The credit report itself will not be given to any Agent or client under any circumstance.

      Helpful Tips for Processing

      • Ensure that the application is complete and signed by all applicants.
      • Submit the processing fee.
      • Ensure that Verification of Residency and Employment are complete, with contact information (phone & fax) for reaching the applicant’s employer(s).


      If you would prefer to print out or download our Property Management Application Package you may do so here: 

      Complete Rental Application below completely: