BlogCommunities October 1, 2022

Good Eats Virginia: October Edition

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Where: Spotsylvania, VA

Courthouse Cafe & Pizzeria: Breakfast

Come to Courthouse Cafe & Pizzeria for a quick breakfast! With amazing prices, food, and atmosphere, this café has outstanding reviews. Any breakfast food you can think of, they have it. From Rise & Shine, the Griddle, House Specialties, Omelets, and Sandwiches, Courthouse Café & Pizzeria has that little hometown diner feel to start your morning right.

Pho Saigon: Lunch

For some authentic Vietnamese cuisine, come to Pho Saigon. Pho Saigon is a family-owned restaurant from Saigon, Vietnam! With a diverse menu of Vietnamese cooking, you’ll be able to find your go-to meal. Especially with the Fall season, nothing is better than a big bowl of Pho with some Garden Rolls.

Himalayan Heritage Restaurant & Bar: Dinner

At Himalayan Heritage Restaurant, they bring you delectable, fresh, healthy, and authentic Nepali & Indian cuisine. A calm and beautiful atmosphere allows you to enjoy your dinner. They cook with the classic clay oven, which enhances the aromatic herbs and spices applied to dishes such as shrimp, lamb, chicken, and salmon, all seared to the perfect Tandoori style. To make their customers feel more special, they change the menus daily, so name your own dish in advance, and they will make it for you!

Sweet Loo Loo’s: Dessert

Head over to Sweet Loo Loo’s to end the day with some delicious baked goods! They ensure to bake all their desserts fresh by working before sunrise. Sweet Loo Loo’s works with local suppliers to source the freshest ingredients and use old-fashioned baking techniques to ensure the best quality. You can also request special baked goods for parties, anniversaries, and other special events. To offer something for everyone, they have gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free baked goods! With five stars on google, you know this place will satisfy your sweet tooth.


BlogCommunities September 1, 2022

Good Eats Virginia: September Edition

Where: Locust Grove, VA

Witch’s Brew Cafe: Breakfast

The Witch’s Brew Cafe has built a reputation for serving fresh and delicious coffee, tea, and food that highlights the region’s best. When you stop by for breakfast you’ll experience the friendliest baristas, unique flavors of drinks, and mouthwatering foods. Plus, who doesn’t like cute designs on their lattes?

Click the image below to see their website!

Mama’s Pizza & Subs: Lunch

Mama’s Pizza & Subs carries on the old-world traditions. They are passionate about food and the recipes their family has passed down through the generations. With 4.6 stars on Google, this place doesn’t disappoint! Stop by and order anything your Italian cravings desire.

Click the image below to see their website!

Guacamole Restaurant: Dinner

Guacamole Restaurant will satisfy your expectation for authentic Mexican food for dinner. They have large portions and fast service, so you can bring your family or friends. With only the freshest ingredients, they can make you something that isn’t on the menu if you just ask!

Click the image below to see their website!

The Icebox: Dessert

The Icebox Creamery serves the community premium soft serve and hand-dipped ice cream. With some rotating flavors to keep you coming back for me. The Icebox has a high reputation with the locals. This is a nice hidden gem to satisfy your ice cream moods.

Click the image below to see their website!

BlogCommunities August 1, 2022

Good Eats Virginia: August Edition

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Where: Fredericksburg, VA

Foode: Brunch

If you want to go to a nice restaurant for brunch, Foode is the place to go. They have one concept, “find the best ingredients the region has to offer, hire the most talented team our pockets could afford, cook the kinds of foods that make up the threads of our best memories, and most importantly, do it with love– day in and day out.” Foode’s menu is custom to the fresh ingredients, so you get new options to try!

Agave: Lunch

Whenever you are in the mood for some new cuisine of a Mexican flare, head over to downtown’s newest restaurant, Agave Bar & Grill. This restaurant has handcrafted margaritas, fresh guacamole, and perfectly seasoned tacos, as well as new recipes unique to Agave only!

Osan: Dinner

Sushi is always the answer for a nice family dinner or a dinner for two. Osan is a family-owned and operated business by husband and wife, Byoung Oh and Sook Yi. This hidden gem in Fredericksburg has top-quality food and service.

Basilico: Dessert

Head to Basilico for the best Italian desserts and fresh gelato made daily to end the night! There are two factions in Fredericksburg, so find the closest one to you. All the desserts are so delicious to be able to pick one favorite. They have Cannoli, Tiramisu, Limoncello Cake, Creme Brûlée, and an amazing Lobster Tail. Basilico also has a rotating gelato selection; they’re super creamy and realistic flavors that will have you craving more!