BlogSellersSmart Home June 14, 2018

4 Essential Home Upgrades for 2018

Keeping up with the latest home trends and decor styles can be exhausting! Here’s our picks for the most essential home upgrades for 2018–bonus: most are cheap and can easily be completed in a weekend!

Smarten Up!

Smart home gadgets have never been cheaper or more accessible! It’s time to jump on the smart home trend, your home will appreciate it! For complete smart home newbies, try a Nest Thermostat or a Ring Doorbell. They’re the easiest to install and will make your life way easier. For smart home buffs, check out the new Sengled lightbulbs that can play music via Bluetooth! Surround sound without any wiring=win!


Try a Fun Removable Wallpaper

A super easy alternative to letting the kids paint their own room is removable wallpaper! There are so many cool designs and patterns available now and it’s perfect for a no-commitment room refresh. Search Etsy for more custom chic designs! It’s literally as easy as peel-and-stick for this quick upgrade–the wallpaper comes off easily if you change your mind!

Get Rid of a Popcorn Ceiling

Popcorn is for movie theaters, not your ceiling. Popcorn ceilings can really date a home and subconsciously influence a buyer to offer less for your home. It’s not complicated to get rid of but it can be super messy—this would be a great home upgrade to leave to professionals.

Go Bold with Flooring

Big, bold flooring choices are all over Pinterest right now! Laminate and vinyl planks are crazy easy to install so this is a great DIY upgrade! Switching up the flooring can really change a room’s atmosphere and make a big impression on prospective buyers. Spring for luxury vinyl planks or laminate with underlayment attached to make this project even easier–a typical kitchen could probably be completed in a weekend! Just make sure you’re choosing a neutral color that will complement any existing appliances or cabinets!