BlogHolidaySeasons December 14, 2018

5 Easy Ways to Brighten Up Your Home for Winter

Local coffee shops are serving peppermint mochas, the sun starts to set before dinnertime and all of Fredericksburg gets bundled up to brave the chilly temps–it’s officially winter! Despite all of the twinkle lights and holiday festivities, the gloomy weather can really put a damper on your home’s atmosphere! Here are five ways to keep your home feeling happy and light all throughout the winter season!

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Lighten Up!

Snowed in over the weekend? Maybe this is your chance to take your living room from dark and cozy to light and airy! Swapping out paint colors, draperies or even furniture covers can make a big difference in how open and bright a particular room feels! Make sure to swatch your colors first so you can see how they look in all different types of light!

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Switch Out Your Art

If you’ve had the same artwork up for a while, switching it up can be exactly what you need to help get you out of a rut! You’d be surprised how much even just moving a particular piece to a different location can change the vibe of a room! Seeing your favorite art in a new place may even help you appreciate it more.

Bring the Outdoors In

Just because it’s dreary outside doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some greenery! Check out the houseplant section of your local Home Depot–fiddle-leaf figs, spider plants and philodendrons are particularly easy to keep alive! If you are a notorious plant-killer, consider a succulent or a cactus! Want to stay in the holiday mood? A live wreath or garland is always beautiful, smells amazing and requires exactly zero care.

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Remove your window screens

What do you see every day but never think about? No, it’s not a riddle–it’s your window screens! They’re typically removable and easy enough to store in the garage or basement during the winter. Not only will you save some wear and tear on them, you’ll be shocked at how much brighter your home seems once they’re off!

Reflect holiday cheer!

The secret weapon of every home stager, mirrors can make a huge difference in the amount of light in a room! Make sure to strategically place them where they’re needed most and maximize your home’s natural light. Mirrors are also one of the more versatile home decor items: you can hang them, prop them up against a wall or create a cute tableau on a console table, it’s up to you!