Sellers July 11, 2022

3 Ways to Prepare Your Home to Sell

If you’ve finally decided to list your home for sale, it can be a daunting task trying to figure out how to best prepare your home before listing. Finding a great realtor is key, but you’ll also need to prepare your home for the market. Keep reading to find tips to make preparation run a little more smoothly.


  • Locate Any Repairs, No Matter How Small


Every home has improvements that could be made, especially in terms of repairs. Take stock of every repair needed in your home, no matter how minor they may be. For example, check for windows that stick, doors that don’t shut all the way, and leaky faucets. If you don’t fix these little issues, the buyer may use this against you and try to lower the value of your home. If you require major repairs, like a large hole in the wall or a cracked window, and you don’t fix it in time, the buyer could become worried and think there are underlying problems within your home. This can cause the buyer to back out of the sale.


Don’t neglect the exterior of your home. If you have a porch or deck, check for signs of rot or decay. If the paint is peeling off or cracking in places, repaint it before the home goes on the market. Don’t try to attempt major repairs by yourself, and save time by hiring a professional. You can also opt to have a pre-sale inspection, in which an inspector can identify any repairs needed before placing your home on the market.


  • Slash The Clutter


No buyer wants to walk into a home and see a mess; the more clutter you have, the smaller your home will feel. If you remove a lot of clutter, your home will appear more spacious, and spacious homes sell much quicker than homes that feel too small. Professional home stagers recommend removing 50% of your items to give your home that spacious look.


When you are decluttering your home, don’t throw all of the items into a spare closet or under the bed, as clients will be checking all areas of the home thoroughly. Utilize different baskets and bins for storage, and tidy up the space as effectively as possible. In terms of furniture, make sure your furniture isn’t blocking the beautiful features of your home. If you aren’t sure where to start regarding organization, don’t be afraid to reach out and contact a professional organizer near you.


  • Think From Their Perspective


Think objectively from the buyer’s point of view when you are reviewing your home. Pretend that you are a buyer walking into your home for the first time. Make any changes that speak to you from that unique perspective. It is also helpful to invite friends or family over and ask them what they think about your home before listing it. Ask them if there’s anything that can be improved. You can also seek advice from your agent on how to prepare your home to sell. It’s part of their job to present the home in the best light, so don’t hesitate to use them as a resource!


Now that you’ve read the article and have some ideas about where to start, contact Coldwell Banker Elite. We specialize in all aspects of the home selling process and we are available to assist with any question or need you may have.