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The process of buying a house can be confusing at times!  We always get asked what are the steps in the buying process.  Check out the infographic below that breaks out a successful real estate closing:

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Moving Checklist

Moving all your belongings is one of the hardest parts about buying or selling your home. An organized, well-planned move can make the transition so much easier. Here’s our ultimate Moving Day Checklist to help you plan for the big day!


One Month Before

  • Reserve your moving date with a moving company, if you’re planning to use one!
  • Buy boxes, packing tape and bubble wrap to protect all of your belongings.
  • Start cleaning out and packing up closets, garages and the attic (non-essential spaces).
  • Transfer school records and update your address for any publications you receive.
  • Change your address online or at the post office.
  • Notify your bank, insurance company, and any subscription services you might have set up of your new address.

Two Weeks Before

  • Make a “survival kit” of essentials that you’ll need for the last week in the old house and the first few days in the new one!
  • Label boxes by room and begin packing up most of your things!
  • Schedule utility shutoffs for your old house and arrange for re-connections at the new one!
  • Make arrangements for your pets during the move: Will they stay with you? How will they be transported? Do they need to be dropped off at a daycare for a few days?

One Week Before

  • Clean out the stove and fridge, vacuum and sweep all floors.
  • Schedule your internet and TV installation at the new house!

Day of Move

  • Get cash out for pizza, tips for movers, snack money during the move!
  • Pack up your “survival kit” with all your essentials.
  • Walk through the house one last time and say goodbye to the neighbors!

Like our moving checklists? 

Keep your move stress-free and organized with our ultimate moving guide, room-by-room packing list and day of move essentials checklist! Hope you have an awesome move and enjoy your new home!

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