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3 Tips for Sellers from a Home Safe™ Certified Agent

Guest Blog by Terin Merriman

Hi Friends!

So this is our lives in the midst of a global pandemic, huh? As we’re adjusting to this “new world” we find ourselves in, it’s important to keep life as normal as we can. While times are challenging and many of us are still searching for our footing, the world doesn’t stop! Thus during such strange times, you may find that it’s time to sell your home and begin your family’s next chapter.

Now more than ever it’s important to choose a Realtor and/or Company that can produce results as well as keep your family safe during a national health crisis. How can you do that? Funny you ask, I have an answer for that. Did you know that Coldwell Banker Elite is the first in our region to roll out a certification for agents that provides specific tools & training to keep YOU and your HOME safe?

So let’s talk selling your home & keeping your Home Safe™. Ah. See what I did there? Such a clever gal. Here’s my 3 Tips for Listing Your Home During Covid-19:

All Things Virtual

With Home Safe™ practices implemented you can limit in-person contact & potential exposure to germs by doing virtual meetings, offering virtual tours, virtual open houses, and electronically signing documents. Essentially, you never have to see anyone face to face again. Talk about dreams coming true! Have I won you over yet?

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Follow CDC Guidelines

Real Estate in Virginia has been deemed an essential business and there are suggested guidelines to follow for both agents & clients. Since we can’t always guarantee that others follow the rules set forth, another way to further protect your home and family is to ask that your Realtor ensure showings are only permitted to those with proof of pre-qualification. This will eliminate any unnecessary traffic through your home.

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Implement the Covid-19 Addendum

Fun Fact: There a variety of addendums and contract language that Home Safe™ certified agents have access to that will help protect you. Included in those clauses and addendum is language that we can negotiate to reduce your risk should you have a problem buying or selling a home related to COVID-19. We also have language that we will negotiate into the contract that can be used to compel everyone involved in the transaction to abide by CDC best practices and open up opportunities to negotiate certain aspects of the contract that wouldn’t normally be a consideration without the proper language negotiated between the parties.

Undoubtedly things have changed in what is a typical day for most. We have altered our routines and our lives. One thing that isn’t changing is real estate. We’ve seen an influx in home sales and purchases since the start of COVID and the housing market is projected to strengthen even more. With all-time-low interest rates and a seller’s market now is a prime time to sell with very little to no downside. Don’t let the coronavirus scares keep you from your home sale dreams.

Thank y’all for spending a little time with me & reading this blog!

If you’d like more information on Home Safe™ you can visit or head over to my blog at

We’re always happy to chat and answer questions.

By Terin Merriman, Realtor

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Preparing Your Home for Showings During a Pandemic

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Putting your home on the market and preparing to move on to a new place is always tough, but it’s especially difficult when you’re in the middle of a global pandemic! Covid-19 has certainly thrown a wrench in all of our plans but it doesn’t have to ruin your home sale experience.

hand washing safety germs

When you use a Coldwell Banker Elite Home Safe™ Certified Agent, you can breathe a little easier knowing that your agent is doing everything they can to keep your family, your home, and potential buyers as safe as possible. They’ve committed to following industry best practices to promote a safer experience and virtual solutions to minimize in-person interactions. Here we’ve gathered our best tips for sellers to help keep their home as healthy as possible during showings!

Let the Air In

Everybody’s heard about the importance of good ventilation by now! If the weather allows, open up all the windows and doors to let fresh air circulate! Your Home Safe™ Certified Agent will let buyers’ agents know about the need to limit the number of people in the home which will help cut down on the concentration of airborne pollutants brought into the home while good ventilation will help move the contaminants out.

Open Everything Up

We’re all about eliminating the number of potential surfaces that buyers will need to touch! Go ahead and leave any interior doors that a potential buyer might need to access open. You probably don’t need to open every cabinet and drawer but just leave the doors to any important rooms open: bathrooms, bedrooms, any large closets, and pantries!

Now’s not the time to worry about the electricity bill–leave the lights on for the potential buyers! We recommend turning on any necessary lights in advance so that the buyers don’t have to touch them.

Hospitality in the Time of Covid-19

Your Home Safe™ Certified Agent will help you decide what to provide for buyers to encourage healthy practices during their showing. Home Safe™ Certified Agents will have informed everyone that enters the home that they are required to wear a mask but if you’d feel more comfortable offering buyers protective booties, hand sanitizer, or other safety items–go for it! These little touches will definitely help your buyers feel more at ease during these difficult times.

Clean & Disinfect

Cleaning off high-touch surfaces is second nature to everyone by now, but it’s always good to have a reminder! Anything you suspect may have needed to be touched during the showing should be cleaned off and then disinfected. The disinfectant may need to sit for a bit longer than you might think in order to be effective, so double-check the bottle before use!

We hope these tips have been helpful while you’re preparing to put your home on the market! If you’d like to be connected with a Home Safe™ Certified Agent who will take your safety seriously, please click here!