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Buyers Pet-Proofing Your Home for Your New Best Friend In the spirit of National Pet Month, we’re exploring how you can make sure your home is safe for your new furry (or not so furry) best friend! Dogs and cats, as well as all kinds of other pets, are naturally curious and can get themselves into trouble or even danger if your home isn’t […]
Homeowners Remodeling Your Bathroom: What You Should Know If you'd like to turn your bathroom into a luxuriously relaxing destination, it might be time for a remodel. Here's what to keep in mind while planning and renovating your bathroom.
Homeowners 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Renovate Considering a home renovation? It can be thrilling to upgrade your house with updated appliances, new fixtures, or perhaps even a new floor plan. In any case, renovations require budgeting, coordinating designers and contractors, and often a good chunk of planning. It's a big investment. And with 2022's supply chain issues, it could be unusually challenging. Here are the 5 key questions to ask yourself before launching a renovation project.
Blog Customize Your Dream Home: Luxury New Construction The allure of being able to customize your dream home is undeniable. Just like sliding into a jacket tailored to your exact measurements or receiving a gift with your initials monogrammed on it--being able to truly put your own finishing touches on a luxury home is a dream come true. We have three luxury new construction listings that are ready and waiting for their new owner to customize and create!
Blog 6 Luxury Waterfront Listings We’re Loving This Summer Owning a waterfront luxury home is a dream for many buyers and we're excited to show off SIX of our waterfront Global Luxury homes!
Blog Home How-To: Housewarming Parties The origin of the housewarming party is unclear--some say it's rooted in the medieval tradition of literally warming the house with the community bringing gifts of firewood, while others say it stems from the idea of lighting a candle on the first night to ward off evil spirits.
Blog Avoiding Common Moving Day Mishaps Moving is undoubtedly stressful, but the right preparations can make it easier. When picking your moving day, take some time off for the family in the months before or after summer when rates are low. Have some extra buffer time to make sure the adjustment goes smoothly for everyone. When it comes to organization, a good cleanout can make all the difference before it is time to pack. Communicate with your movers about how to handle delicate and valuable items, and make sure everything is clearly labeled to make unpacking the house easier for all.
Blog Is It Time to Take the Next Step? Buying a Home With a Partner First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes…a nice home with room for a carriage? In terms of relationship milestones, buying a home with a partner can be an exciting and life-changing step! How do you know whether buying a home with another person (married or not) is the right decision? What are the legal […]
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Blog We Know What It Means To Serve The greater Fredericksburg region is a hotspot for military families and defense contractors! Just a short trip away from the Nation’s Capital and only minutes from Quantico MCB, Fort AP Hill and NSF Dahlgren, we are in the perfect spot for those looking to live close to work, shopping and entertainment yet still have a […]
Blog Home Buying 101: The Appraisal You’ve spent months looking and finally settled on the house of your dreams. The seller even accepted your offer! Congrats! It’s not *quite* time to break out the bubbly yet, though! So many home buyers and sellers have questions about the appraisal process, we wanted to make sure we addressed it on our blog! For […]
Blog Why You Really Need A Home Inspection Thinking about skipping the home inspection in order to save a little money? You could end up costing yourself WAY more in the long run! Here’s why we always recommend buyers get a very thorough home inspection done: Protect Your Investment Buying a house is probably the single largest investment you’ll ever make and throughout […]
Blog 5 Things To Do Before You Buy A Home So you’re finally ready to buy your own home, congrats! It’s a big decision that can really impact your life and your finances. Here are our top five things to do before you take the leap to make sure you’re completely prepared! Strengthen your credit score Don’t know your credit score? If you’re thinking about […]
Blog 3 Signs You’re Not Ready to Buy A Home Scrolling through your Facebook timeline in your twenties and thirties can feel like a never-ending slideshow of #adulting milestones. Why is everyone engaged all of a sudden? When did so-and-so have a baby? Chances are, you’ve seen quite a few “We just bought a home!” posts, too. If you’re one of the 80% of millennials […]
Blog Top 5 Best Apps and Sites for Moving 1. ThredUp/ Letgo Moving, while stressful, is actually one of the best times to evaluate your wardrobe and all your possessions—if you’re dreading moving it to your new home, it’s probably time to let it go. ThredUp and Letgo are both awesome for paring down your closet and letting your old unwanted items have a […]
Blog What To Look For In Your First Home Good Layout With the exception of location, the floor plan of a home is one of the most expensive things to change. A livable layout that makes sense for your lifestyle is going to be one of the most important aspects of your home search, but it’s often overlooked in favor of easily-changed aesthetic factors. […]
Blog Fixer-Upper Homes: What to Look For   Fixer-uppers appeal to a wide variety of homebuyers—investors looking to cash in, first-timers hoping to score a bargain, and ambitious DIY-ers looking for their next project.  The hunt is half the fun when buying your next home, but there a few key things to keep in mind when considering properties that may need a […]
Blog You’ve Served Our Country, Now Coldwell Banker Elite’s Ready to Serve You The National Association of Realtors released their first ever “Veterans & Active Military Home Buyers and Sellers Profile” in May, which shed some light on military members’ real estate habits and trends. The study showed that 95% of active-duty members and 88% of veterans use real estate agents to buy and sell their homes, so […]
Blog Open House Tips for Buyers If you’re thinking about buying a home in the next year or so, visiting an open house can be a great way to find out what you do and don’t like, how much house you can afford and really need, and what neighborhood or general area you’d like to live in. If you’re closer to […]
Blog Should You Buy a New Construction Home? There’s nothing like walking into a brand spanking new home: everything’s shiny and clean, the fixtures are upgraded…it even smells new! Then again, that old Victorian house with squeaky floorboards and original trim has character that money can’t buy. How do you decide whether or not to spring for a new home? Here are a […]